The Indian states of Assam, Bihar and Meghalaya have been badly hit by floods. The actual on-ground situation is frightful and grim as both humans, animals and establishments have been severely affected by nature’s wrath. We have listed down some rescue operations and fund-generating initiatives where you can contribute to help these states. By Kumar Shree

1. Assam

Assam, the gateway to northeast India, is submerged at the moment. The mighty Brahmaputra is not being kind, and the incessant rain in the state for the last few days has only added to the river’s wrath. The rising water levels of the Brahmaputra and its tributary Krishna have taken a toll on more than 2,400 villages in about 30 districts of the state. As reported by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), at least 55 lakh people have been affected by the flood and a total of 1,09,358.67 hectare of land has been damaged. The Central Water Commission has warned that the Brahmaputra river that is already following eight centimetres above the danger mark, could further rise by 30 centimetres.


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Who’s helping: The ASDMA has set up around 397 relief camps and distribution centres in 18 districts. It has also evacuated around 44,553 people to safe shelters. National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) teams are working to safely rescue people and supply rations and masks.

Helpline numbers:  1070 (Toll-Free) 0361-2237219/2237460 (Landline Numbers) – State Control Room, Dispur. 1079 – Disaster Management Services Helpline. You can find the list of all the numbers at

Where to donate: You can donate to the Chief Minister Relief Fund, Assam, and to Action Aid, an NGO working for the relief of flood victims.

2. Bihar

Several rivers in Bihar except for the Ganges, such as Baghmati, Kamlabalan, Burhi Gandak, Mahananda, Khiroi, Lalbakeya, and Adhwara, are flowing above the danger mark. The situation has so far resulted in floods across eight districts in the state, thereby affecting over four lakh people. The flood-hit districts include Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, and East Champaran. However, latest reports warn of a similar rise in the water level of Ganges as well, which if happens will further affect more areas.


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Who’s helping: A total of 16 NDRF teams consisting of 35 personnel each, along with the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams are working on the ground. Forty-five community kitchens have so far managed to provide food to at least 29,824 people. The NDRF and SDRF teams have also moved around 13,585 people to safer places, out of which 1,075 are staying at relief camps.

Helpline numbers: All the helpline numbers for Bihar are listed here.

Where to donate: Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar.

P.S. YouTuber CarryMinati has donated INR 11 lakh for Assam and Bihar. He raised about INR 10 lakh through a live stream session on his gaming channel called Carry Is Live and added another INR 1 lakh to the amount from his side. He donated the amount to the Assam and Bihar Chief Minister Relief Funds in equal proportions.

3. Meghalaya

The backflow of the Brahmaputra river has also caused flooding in the West Garo Hills of Meghalaya. Around 1.52 lakh people from 175 villages have been affected. The area has witnessed an alarming surge in the water level since last week.


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Who’s helping: The district administration has set up 22 relief camps.

Helpline numbers: All the important numbers for Meghalaya are listed on this website.

Where to donate: Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Meghalaya

Overall nine states in the country are reeling under the flood-like situation. Some of them include Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Kerala.

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