5 Most Inspiring Writers’ Retreats Around The World

Why worry about a writer’s block when you can have a writer’s block? Okay, we admit that pun may not have gone well but your retreat in one of these breathtaking writers’ retreats across the world will surely do! We all need some poking from time to time for the creativity to flow and mark our pages with words. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Tuscany, Italy

What can’t be done under the Tuscan sun? Laze, eat delish local food, sunbathe, stare outside at the verdant greens, and write your heart out. Sounds like the perfect idea to replace this year’s summer reading with summer writing? We think so too. The picturesque farmhouse that Wide Open Writing is set in will get your creative juices flowing again and you’ll find yourself struggling to move back to the ordinary life again.

2. UK

In Arvon, UK, writers can find not only the most sublime environment to scribble but also annual residential writing courses in different parts of the UK along with the countryside-Yorkshire, Shropshire, and Devon. The course is taught by accomplished authors and caters to budding writers, irrespective of whether they are published, in a range of genres. So, get your pen and paper ready for everything else will be served to you on a silver platter at Arvon.

3. Greece

Greece is pristine and poetic in vision itself, how can it be that it cannot move writers to inspiration? The Writers’ Lab in Skyros acts as a catalyst and provides writers with workshops in this ancient Greek island with award-winning authors. The course is open from June to September and comes with idle strolls on the beach, daily morning yoga, and enjoying local delicacies.

4. Iceland

Orange Prize for Fiction winner Barbara Kingsolver, Man Booker Prize nominee Alison Pick, and New Yorker staffer Adam Gopnik are only three of the ten celebrated writers who will be leading both individual workshops as well as group discussions in Iceland Writers’ Retreat. Over a span of four days in the capital, Reykjavik, the partakers of the workshop will have one-on-one sessions with the writers, daily writing time along with local tours for freeing the mind up only to fill it up with words again.

5. Alaska

Not a place you had planned to visit anytime soon, right? Well, maybe your pen and paper will take you to Alaska. But, only if you’re a female writer. Storyknife Writers’ Retreat is exclusive to female writers only and is founded by Dana Stabenow, the mystery-novel author. Storyknife receives a massive number of applications but can presently accommodate only four, one of which will be a non-published writer. Why women only? That’s because Stabenow believes that women are still underrepresented in publication and giving them a woman-only retreat is a way of kindling a kind of creative sisterhood among the writers.

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