Switzerland Crowned The World’s Safest Country For Travellers In 2020

In a recent survey conducted by Insurly, a comparison website for travel insurance, Switzerland excels the list of World’s Safest Countries for Travellers in 2020. By Kumar Shree

Switzerland, one of the world’s favourite travel destinations, adds another feather to its hat. The landlocked country claimed top spot on the list of World’s Safest Countries for Travellers in 2020. It earned a 93.4 out of 100, while Singapore took the second spot with 92.7 out of 100. With that, Singapore also emerges as the safest Asian country for travellers across the globe.

The data took multiple factors into consideration for deriving the final list. These factors include frequency of natural disasters, healthcare quality in the country, rate of violent crimes, terrorist threats, annual number of tourists killed, and the number of tourists injured while travelling on the roads. Norway took the third spot with a score of 91.1 out of 100. A high risk of violence in the country kept it from clinching the top spot.

Here is a ranking-wise list of the top ten World’s Safest Countries for Travellers in 2020: Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, and Japan. The lowest ranking countries on the list qualify as most unsafe destinations. These are South Sudan with a score of 14.8, Democratic Republic of Congo with a score of 15.4, and Central African Republic with a score of 21.

Amongst other notable and popular destinations, Spain took the 13th spot followed by Sweden on 14th and Germany on 16th. New Zealand and Ireland took 17th and 21st spots respectively. United Kingdom (UK) took the 29th spot, Australia — 31st, and France — 32nd. United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranked at the 37th spot, while the United States of America (USA) occupied the 44th. Countries standing below rankings 104 have scored 50 or less. India also falls in this segment, and stands at the 122nd spot with a score of 42.6.

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