Get Ready To Travel By Train From Delhi To Ladakh with the World’s Highest Train Route

Quite possibly, everyone’s dream destination in India, Ladakh will get super accessible as a train route is being chalked out from Delhi soon. Naturally, our bags are all packed. By Japleen Kaur

The work on the railway line between Delhi and Ladakh will start next year, and will cut travel time to the scenic locales of Ladakh by half. Earlier approachable by road or air, it would take around 40 hours to reach Ladakh. Now, it’s estimated that the train journey will take about 20 hours, and will cross Sundernagar, Mandi, Manali, Keylong, Koksar, Darcha, Upshi, Karu, and many more hill stations that connect Bilaspur to Leh.

The route will be 465 km long, and more than half of it will be underground. So, if you were hoping for a journey with fantastic views, this might be a little disappointing. But nonetheless, fascinating enough to be on our bucket list. There will be 74 tunnels, 124 major bridges and 396 minor bridges out of which the longest tunnel will be 27 kms long.

The project will cost around 83 crores, and at one point the railway line will be more than 5,000 metres above sea level, making it the world’s highest train route.

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In fact, Keylong station will be built 3,000 metres above sea level inside a tunnel, something that our country has never seen before. All those childhood memories of waiting for tunnels, and letting out innocent screams teamed with giggles are going to get new wings. We don’t know about you, but this is one train journey we can’t wait to board. This, and Hogwarts Express, of course!

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