The World’s Highest Bakery Café in Lobuche, Nepal, goes as high as you can go to have some fun and soak in the nature’s beauty. By Sushhmita Srivastav

world’s highest café in Nepal
Photo Credit: Facebook – World Highest Bakery Cafe

If the thought of sipping on a hot cuppa sitting in a cozy eatery at a crazy height of 15,400 ft is enough to excite your adventurous soul, you should be packing your bags for Nepal already. Let alone coffee, the world’s highest café in Nepal, which is literally named as ‘World’s Highest Bakery Cafe’, lets you order anything from a chilled beer to some good old apple pie.

Tucked away in Lobuche area, this café falls on your way two days before you reach the Everest Base Camp. So, coming as a much-needed resort to the trekkers enroute to one of the biggest trekking feats in the world, the bakery is a sight to behold that stands in contrast to the barren lunar landscape that sprawls all around. At an altitude where mere boiling up a cup of coffee takes over 15 minutes, this café takes the notch even higher by offering not only food and relaxation but also, playing documentary movies for all the guests.

On your way to the café, you will be crossing the famous Lobuche Pass that lies at a staggering height of 16,210 ft., and has many memorial monuments of climbers like Scott Fischer.

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