This World Health Day (2020), let’s come together and take a moment, to praise and congratulate all the healthcare professionals across the globe, who have been working tirelessly, round the clock, and risking their lives to #flattenthecurve of pandemic COVID-19, that has already infected lakhs and killed thousands of people in different parts of the world. By Tanvi Jain 


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While, as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of coronavirus, people have put themselves under home quarantine, and have the liberty to work from home, our paramedical personnel, are still stepping out of their home, and going to work every day, that too in the most dangerous zone. Many have even lost their life while abiding by their duties. 

Amid worldwide appeal from both governments as well as doctors, urging people to stay at home, and stay safe, we bring to you these easy to make, immunity-boosting drinks from different regions across India, that can help you stay away from diseases, and reduce the burden on our white coat warriors. 

1. Aam Panna  


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A summer favourite across Eastern India, this sweet and sour drink is a mix of cumin, black salt, and raw mango. The drink is rich in Vitamin C and helps prevent heart stroke and other summer-related ailments. It’s also good for the stomach and improves digestion.  

2. Gajar ki Kanji  


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A preferred drink in North India during winters, Gajar ki Kanji is made of a deep purple coloured fermented carrot mixed with crushed mustard seeds, hot chili powder and salt. Not only is it an appetizer, but also helps activate the digestive system, and get the juices flowing. Other substitutes of carrot that can be used in this drink for more flavour are beetroot and turnip.    

3. Sol Kadi  


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This healthy Konkani drink is made of coconut milk, cumin seeds, green chilies, and of course, the main ingredient kokum — a dried fruit found mostly in Goa and Maharashtra. The antioxidants in this flavourful refreshing drink help prevent cold and cure digestive problems. 

4. Panagam  


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A traditional South Indian drink, Panagam is made of cardamom, pepper and jaggery. The use of jaggery instead of artificial sugar makes it healthy. Not only does it cleanse your body by helping it get rid of all the toxins, but also relieves fatigue and improves the flow of digestive juices. 

5. Elaneer Milkshake  


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Another tropical delight from down South, this drink is made from tender coconut, which is not only a great source of dietary fibre but also boosts metabolism and energy level. The creamy white texture and the presence of coconut make it a great alternative for coconut water  

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