While most celebrated World Chocolate Day on July 7 by gifting gourmet chocolates to their loved ones, chocolate connoisseurs around the world looked up Airbnb to discover experiences that made this special day count. Here are some of the most talked about chocolatiers who give you a learning in the history and origin of chocolates. By Anuja Dixit

1. Sample Chocolates And Pastries, Paris

Chocolate Day
Credits: Alex, Unsplash

Step in for an exclusive chocolate and pastry tasting session with Rosemary, a regular attendant of Salon du Chocolate. Learn some interesting trends in chocolates and pastries from her in Left Bank, where the store in located. Relish exotic flavours of the chocolates made from finest cocoa, caramels from the best Breton creator, and cream puffs made right before your eyes!

2. The Chocoland, Barcelona

Chocolate Day
Credits: Unsplash

Fulfill your dream of visiting a chocolate factory. Peter, the host of a chocolate workshop in Barcelona will make your visit in ‘the chocoland‘ worth it. You can eat and learn how to make chocolates, sculptures, candies and personalised gifts here.

3. Chocolate Walking Tour, Milan

Chocolate Day
Credits: John Canelis

Turin in Milan is well-known for its historic cafes. Explore some astonishing places, shopping streets and elegant plazas and taste local chocolates such as Gianduiotto with sommelier, historian, and artist Valentina. A three-hour walking tour in Turin is quite an exclusive experience.

4. Chocolate Making And Tasting, London

Chocolate Day
Credits: Victor Munoz

Accompany Melt for your next chocolate-making adventure. Learn the skill of tempering chocolates with your hands and create your favourite chocolates at home with the best chocolatier in town. You also get to try your hands at making Bonbons and truffles.

5. Make Your Own Chocolate Bar, Los Angeles

Chocolate day
Credits: Daniel Fazio

Experience making chocolate from cracking and roasting of beans and wrapping finished chocolate bars with Ben at his home. Relish the chocolate you make and take it back for friends back home. Being a passionate chocolatier, Ben demonstrates making dark chocolate bars with quality ingredients and raw cocoa beans.

6. Chocolate Tasting, Paris

Chocolate Day
Credits: Unsplash

Discover some fascinating secrets of chocolate with Victoire. Know more about cacao, its history and origin. Stimulate your taste buds with smell of chocolates. By the end of it, you’ll definitely know how to select the good chocolate next time and understand chocolates by region.

7. Make Chocolate Truffles, New York

Chocolate Day
Credits: Sherisilver, Unsplash

Decorate your favourite truffles handcrafted by master chocolatier Voilà Chocolat. Use your choice of gourmet toppings, toasted hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa nibs and even edible glitter. Then pack them into beautiful balsa boxes to take back home and savour.

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