While wine production is still at a nascent stage in India, travel trends indicate a steady growth of wine tourism. Cleartrip gives you five top vineyards in the country that are setting the foundation for this niche tourism to flourish in the coming years.


Soma Vine Village- Nashik, Maharashtra

wineSoma Vine Village is located at Sula Vineyards, is spread over 1800 acres of land on the hills of Gangapur in Nashik. Sula is the most popular wine brand in India and is the leader in the Indian wine industry. The stimulating vine-gardens of Sula provide the perfect backdrop for your wine tour and tasting session at India’s first tasting room ‘The Tasting Room’.


Heritage Grape Winery-Mysore, Karnataka

wineHeritage winery was founded in 2004 by RV Reddy and is located 60 km southwest to Bangalore, near the town of Channapatna. The vineyard offers five different varieties of wines, two of Indian origin and three of French origin. Heritage is perhaps best known for its fortified wines made from the Bangalore Blue grape, a cultivar of Vitis labrusca.


Grover Zampa Vineyards- Nandi Hills, Karnataka


At the foot of Nandi hills the grapes grown near the sylvan valleys of Sanjegaon, the vineyards of Grover and Zampa have come together to produce the exceptional quality wines. They have furnished their wineries with the wine processing equipment’s and tanks that are mostly imported from Italy and hence making it among the top list of the wine producers in India. The splendid scenic views of Nandi hills in Grover and serenity of the valley bestowing charm to the vineyards of Zampa makes both the places the most favourite touring destinations for the wine lovers.


Chateau d’Ori- Dindori, Nashik

wineThe intimidating French feel of the Chateau d’Ori Estate, enthralls the visitors on their wine tour, providing them the remembrance of a lifetime. The estate has India’s largest merlot plantation and has also won an award for the best Cabernet Merlot wine producer in India. It is also establishing a trend in making the ‘Estate Bottled’ wines; the most valued and internationally acclaimed wine product. This 200-acre vineyard avoid the use of the fertilizers and pesticides, and natural power generating windmills makes it a must visit for the wine lovers.


KRSMA Vineyards- Hampi, Karnataka

wineSituated at the World’s Heritage Site, KRSMA produces the best and unique quality wine each year, which is counted amongst the most popular destinations in wine tourism. Placed on the slopes of Hampi Hills at an altitude of around 590 m above sea level with plenty of breeze but rainfall is very less for the soil. Grapes of each harvest are selected for production, and that is the reason why only limited bottles come out and are counted amongst the best.