If you’ve been to the Indian edition of Comic-Con and have loved the madness surrounding Marvel, DC, and every other superhero/villain comic character, multiply it by 100. What you get is the annual Comic-Con event currently on in San Diego. Here are some highlights from the venue. By Anuja Dixit

Comic-Con 2018 has commenced in San Diego but if you’re in the city now and haven’t purchased a ticket yet, you can forget about getting an entry. All tickets (which is a massive number, by the way) were sold out months in advance. In fact, if you went to their website right now, you’d be invited to apply for an attendee badge for next year!

Comic-Con began in 1970s by comic and Marvel fans Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf to showcase the wealth of comic books and to help fans come together and exchange thoughts, make friends and share the madness. That was not until the event exploded years ago, bringing fans from all over the world to the international Comic-Con fest, held in the Convention Centre at San Diego. This year, it commenced on July 19 and will continue till 22nd July.

Let’s head straight to the highlights of the event:

  • The event unfolded with lots of surprises as expected. Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts, The Crime OF Grindelwald, Wonder Woman 1984 and Spider Man into the Spider Verse are some of projects being showcased in the panels.


  • As a slight disappointment, bigger projects such as Game of Thrones and Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe will give this year a miss
  • A big release was awaiting fans on the first day as Warner Bros and DC Entertainment released the trailer of their new live action show, Titans, on the first day. See it here


  • Rafael Albuquerque, Yoshitaka Amano, Emmil Feris and Brian Fies are some of the special guests confirmed this year
Comic Con 2018
Credits: Justjared


  • Fans, as usual, have gone all out to dress up as their favourite character. See some of the awesome ones below


  • Fans of Doctor Who found its biggest panel in Hall H (a massive 6,500-seat hall). The Doctor Who panel also offered the first look of its upcoming season and its new cast on Day 1.
Credits: AVA360
  • Other TV series such as Marvel’s Iron Fist, Better Caul Saul, Star Trek and a discovery of witches will also be appearing during the weekends. There also will be the anniversary panel for Breaking Bad and Star wars- The Clone Wars.
Credits: SanDiego Carpe Diem


Because of heavy footfall, having a badge doesn’t guarantee you a seat in any of the programmes or events. Therefore, fans are advised to arrive early if they want to get an autograph from celebrities or watch any programme.


You can follow details and event updates on  Facebook, Twitter, and Toucan – the official blog of WonderCon Anaheim and Comic-Con.