‘The Paris of Malabar’ is quite a strong analogy to have for a small city in Kerala, isn’t it? So, we decided to find out what makes Thalassery as pretty and soothing to the senses for having earned that title? By Shubhanjana Das

1. Thalassery Fort

Built by the British East India Company in 1708 AD as a memorial for British imperialism, Thalassery Fort is more than what meets the eye. It was the centre for British rule in the Malabar region and played an important role in the commercial and military activities of the British. This fort with its massive walls and elaborately carved doors even has secret tunnels to the sea and was built with the view of maintaining a stronghold over Malabar. Even Hyder Ali failed to conquer this imposing structure! Thalassery Fort remains an engineering marvel as well as a historical monument with its underground caves and secret hiding places.

2. Dharmadam Beach Island

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Situated 100-m away from the main land is five acres of unhindered, lush greenery sitting in the middle of the waters. The Dharmadam Beach Island is the perfect escape if you want to distance yourself from everything for a while and indulge in some contemplation. The island is rich in trees of different kinds and can even be walked to during low tide. However, make sure you have the guidance of the locals for the waters rise real quick during high tide. Make yourself a picnic and spend a day of peaceful seclusion in Dharmadam.

3. Muzhappilangand Beach

Muzhappilangand drive-in beach is the most famous in Thalassery wherein visitors can just ride and splash through the waters in their cars and bikes. The paved road guarded by coconut and palm trees leads to the five-km stretch of this serene beach, which is Kerala’s only drive-in beach. Sunbathe, lounge and enjoy a view of the Dharamadam island from the beach in what is a beautiful conjunction of the two, which can be seen only rarely.

4. Overbury’s Folly

This suspiciously named tourist spot along the cliff leads to the sea and is situated on a hill adjacent to the Thalassery Municipal Stadium. Even though EN Overbury couldn’t complete the picnic spot off the cliff, this recreational park has been renovated to have an open-air cafe, which commands unhindered views of the Arabian Sea. Sucker for sunsets? This is your best shot at getting that perfect time-lapse of the sea, the sky and the infinite horizon.

5. Fisherfolk Temple

Located along the coastline running from Kannur to Thelassery, this scenic shrine is more than just a religious site for the locals. Believed to have been built by regional fishermen for expressing their gratitude to the magnanimous sea for their livelihood. The temple stands as a general symbol for importance of the sea in lives of the people of Thalassery. The long stretches of the beach on which it is located makes it an amazing sightseeing spot and is perfect for a day of doing nothing.

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