Soothe Your Soul: 10 Resorts That Offer The Most Inclusive Wellness Retreats

From anti-ageing to weight-loss programmes, these 10 resorts from around the world offer the most comprehensive wellness retreats in the most spectacular settings. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan



The picture-perfect palm-fringed backwaters of Kumarakom are therapy for the weary soul. Even more so when the setting is this elegant resort. Built in traditional Kerala style, most of the structures here have been painstakingly reconstructed from 16th-century homes. Ayurmana, the Ayurveda retreat here, is reconstructed from a 200-year-old mansion that was once home to a family of renowned Ayurvedic practitioners. The centre for healing is committed to traditional Indian rituals, yoga, and meditation, and offers customised programmes based on individual assessment by a team of experts. The Rejuvenation Programme includes a variety of rejuvenation treatments such as pizhichil, sirodhara, abhyangam, medicated steam bath, and njavarakizhi. These come together to tone muscles, strengthen and invigorate the body, and calm the mind. The oil used improves the complexion and adds lustre to the skin. (

Ayurveda Panchakarma


Surrounded by the unspoilt beauty of the Sahyadris, this facility is spread over 320 acres. Its Dharana Life Sciences Program encompasses a range of wellness programmes that can be experienced from seven to 28 days. Designed to alleviate the stress of daily routines and ensure health, wellness, and serenity, these are customised to suit your needs after consultations with the in-house team of experts. The Ayurveda Panchakarma programme is ideal for complete detoxification and rejuvenation. Depending on your needs, all or a few of the five treatments that make up Panchakarma are used to correct dosha imbalances and eliminate toxins naturally through the body’s channels. The package includes accommodation, three healthy meals, and daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as access to a variety of wellness activities, such as nature walks and pottery. (



Housed in a restored 18th-century palace nestled in the Aravallis in Udaipur, RAAS Devigarh offers an insight into old-world Rajputana charm and culture. The spa here, in collaboration with Ma Earth Botanicals, offers specially crafted experiences and journeys that aim to guide you back to your true self. The Raas Blessing Journey (3, 5, 7, or 9 nights) is a ‘transformative healing experience’ crafted to relax you and bring about a sense of gratitude for everything beautiful in your life. The nine-day journey includes a variety of spa experiences such as the RAAS Blessing – Prayer of the earth, Yoga Nidra, Candlelit Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing With Crystal Bowl, Om Chakra Meditation, and RAAS Blessing – A sacred Illumination. You also experience a village walk, a special bath butler set-up in your room, meals and snacks from the light and healthy wellness menu, and a Silent Supper at a special venue. You come out feeling spiritually reconnected and brimming with positive energy. (



Surrounded by greenery and steeped in a wellness philosophy that is all encompassing, this luxury ashram uses yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy to improve your lifestyle. A typical day at the ashram starts with yoga and ends with a delicious and healthy vegetarian meal cooked with ingredients sourced from the organic gardens. It offers a variety of packages, all of which include accommodation, three meals, two daily group yoga sessions, one group chanting or sound meditation session, and use of all recreational facilities. The Silent Retreat Package has been designed to help you introspect and evaluate, with the end goal of helping you eliminate stress, improve your sleep cycle and eating habits, and treating high blood pressure. A detailed consultation with the wellness consultant sets the tone for four days of silence, during which you are directed to talk only when necessary. Your meals too are prepared with ingredients that are easy to digest and have a calming influence on you. You end your period of silence with an interactive session with the wellness consultant. (

Santani Recovery


The belief that sustainable wellness begins by bringing oneself into balance with nature and by allowing ourselves to receive nurture from ourselves as well as from others’ defines every experience at Santani. Located within a pristine forest that is secluded, yet easily accessible, Santani provides individually customised programmes based on a scientifically developed questionnaire that determines what you need to up your wellness quotient. The Santani Recovery programme provides support and healing to those who’ve been through emotional or physical trauma, whether it’s surgery, cancer, and heart attacks, or loss. It starts with a consultation with the resident doctor who recommends a customised menu of food and treatments that help detox and cleanse. Then you experience Ayurvedic and spa treatments that remove the build-up of medicines in the body and make it receptive to healing energies, and wellness coaching, yoga, and rehabilitation that make you stronger. (

Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat


Surrounded by dense tropical forests and the Indian Ocean, Revīvō Wellness Resort’s philosophy is to ‘soothe the spirit, rejuvenate the body and enrich the mind’. And it does this through its excellent wellness activities, spa and holistic medicine treatments, and nutritious food offerings. Rather than heal specific problems, the retreats offered here aim to bring about a general sense of healing and self-awareness. The signature Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat focusses on discovering that the mind is powerful enough to bring about positive changes in your life. It includes REMISSIŌ spa treatments such as Chanting Meditation Shirodhara and the Rejuvenating Facial; MOVEŌ sessions such as reiki and floating yoga; customised NŪTRIŌ “Food For Mood” meals; and unlimited access to the pools and facilities. (



Nestled between the Gin Oya Estuary and Waikkal Beach, Wattura Resort & Spa is a ‘celebration of water’. The resort is designed in such a manner that it derives coolth from the sea breeze and estuary’s waters; wattura is the Sinhalese term for water. Wattura Spa is steeped in this philosophy as well. Water flows in and around the spa, and the soothing rituals use ingredients such as river mud and blue lotus to heal. The Warmth of Sri Lankan Spices uses black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg to de-stress, energise, and improve blood circulation. The package starts with a Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder massage, moves on to a Spice and Clay Back Wrap and Foot Reflexology, and comes to a relaxing close with a Warm Aromatic Soak. Combined with the beautifully curated experiences offered by the property, the package uplifts the spirit and relaxes the body and mind. (

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy


The spa town of Baden-Baden is home to this luxurious property that is entirely dedicated to wellness. With just 15 rooms and suites, the ‘House of Wellbeing’ is known for its treatments that cover beauty, detox, medical worries, fitness, and emotional disorders. The Stay Fit, Stay Healthy package is designed for those who want to strengthen their bodies. Spread over three nights, it takes you through everything from yoga to pilates and jogging. The programme includes five sports sessions—biking or hiking, bodega or pilates, functional or Faszia training, kickboxing, and a TABATA bootcamp session— besides group fitness activities such as core workouts and aqua fitness sessions. You also get access to the fitness centre, Roman-style indoor pool, sauna area, and plunge pool. (



Spread over 180 acres of coffee plantations, this luxury resort lets you bask in all of nature’s glory. Accommodation is offered in 56 luxurious cottages built on stilts. The property also has excellent wellness experiences. Based on the concept of antarmauna (inner silence), The Elevation— the spa here—takes you on a holistic journey of wellness. The Ayurvedic Sojourn packages are a combination of treatments and fitness sessions, including yoga and meditation. When you opt for one of these, you get a one-to-one consultation with the in-house doctors and therapists, after which a programme is customised for you. Of these, the 14-night AyurShanthi is ideal for stress release. Through a series of Ayurveda therapies, yoga, and meditation, this stress management programme aims to resolve lifestyle disorders, bring about weight loss, and de- stress. (



With unmatched views of the coastline, the Arabian Sea, and the skies, Amatara Wellness Resort offers a tranquil ambience in which a state of well-being is natural. The resort offers a range of wellness packages that include accommodation, nutritious meals, and personalised wellness activities. Developed in conjuction with Bangkok Hospital’s Brain Health Institute, the Brain Health Enhancement programme focusses on the longevity of the brain and the prevention of Alzheimer’s. Over three days, your brain’s functioning is evaluated and you go through a series of tests and medical treatments, between which you dine on personalised meals, exercise, and meditate. A personal assistant guides and supports you through the programme. Then you spend the next five days at Amatara Wellness Resort, where everything your doctor has suggested is integrated into your stay. A rejuvenating programme that includes exercise, spa treatments, meditation, and nutritious food is also part of the experience. (

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