When you think of Nasik, you immediately think of vineyards and delicious wines but once you stay at Grape County, you’ll want to re-imagine that picture. By Japleen Kaur

A vast landscape of 150 acres houses 11 villas, seven luxury tents and around 15 farmhouses. The entire property is surrounded by 3000 acres of forest land turning it into an eco-resort. You will need to get on a golf cart for the tour of the entire property, it is that huge!

The cheapest accommodation starts at around INR 10,000 per night and the highest can go up till a lakh. The glasshouse, which is the best farmhouse on the property has a 360 degree view through glass walls. It has to be the most gorgeous stay option ever.

The in-house coffee-shop-cum-multi-cuisine restaurant served up a storm! We indulged in chicken tikkas dipped in ghee, a rather theatrical manner of presentation, we must say. Then came the cheese chilly seekh kebabs that are best had with mint chutney. Kadhai paneer and chicken masala filled our stomachs up, and we concluded dinner with a bowl of sheera.

You can go boating, kayaking, camping, cycling, bird watching and hiking right inside the premises. A wonderland for all nature enthusiasts, we must say! They also have large spaces for private parties, and lawn areas for weddings and other functions. Grape County has a nursery from where you can pick up tiny souvenirs for your loved ones.

On request, wine tastings take place but they don’t have a vineyard, and that’s a breath of fresh air considering the surrounding areas.

A sustainable, zero-waste ecosystem has been constructed for a healthy yet eco-friendly living. Bio gas compost, vermi compost, godhra bricks, LED lights, re-used woods and more — it’s a treat for any architecture student aiming to work on the same lines.

A serene property, striving towards a better future, inducing plastic-free stays, Grape County is an investment for an amazing holiday for yourself and the environment.

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