These professionals make all ends meet to make your wedding day memorable. Ever wondered what they’d tell you if they had the chance? By Pallavi Mehra

The shortest route to a dream wedding is getting the best wedding professionals—the planner, the florist, the stylist, the decor designer, and the chef, among others. Your wish is their command. Often enough, these wishes become unwarranted demands. While they rarely speak their mind to the client, we lent our ear to eight industry insiders for a tell-all session—everything they wish their clients knew.

Mallika Sawla Jadeja
Paleteria India | POPSICLE MAKER

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“We supply alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicles to weddings. We’ve received outrageous requests such as a client wanting edible stickers with a picture of the bride and groom on every popsicle. This was on a very short notice. Popsicles melt quickly, especially the alcoholic ones. I wish my clients understood that every job has its limitation and they should place their orders in advance and make any alterations only during the tasting session and never after.” Find her Raheja Atlantis, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Vikram Mehta
MPIRE Weddings and Events |

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Wedding is a once-in-a-life event. A wedding planner must be prepared for special requests and have the capacity to take them up as challenge. We’ve executed numerous absurd requests. But sometimes you do wish that before clients make last-minute demands such as a complete overhaul of the decor just hours before the wedding or the change of the room allotments the night before guests are scheduled to arrive, they factor in that as humans, we have physical limitations.” Find him HERE

Sidhi Mitra
Weddings by Sidhi Mitra | FLORIST

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“I was organising the wedding of a minister’s daughter and she wished for Flamingos. Her wedding was just a week away and she expected me to arrange about 500 of those from China. I pulled every string I could but it costed the client heavily, which the father wasn’t too happy about. I wish my clients knew that if they make last-minute requests, they should be ready to shell out extra money as well.” Find her HERE

Disha Munshaw
Customizing Creativity | INVITATION DESIGNER

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“We got a request from a couple to make a wedding card with a pop-up 3D musical video. It meant creating a mini-set within a card. I wish my clients knew that if they want to do something out-of-the-box, then we need to plan in advance.” Find her HERE

Ritesh Naik
Independent Professional | STYLIST AND MAKEUP ARTIST

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“Brides want to look like Deepika Padukone from Ramleela, become ‘fair’. Often, they bring references from foreign magazine references too. They don’t realise that it can’t be done. I wish these brides knew that everyone has different hair, skin, and face structure—I can brighten your face and give it a glow, but I can’t make you look like Deepika Padukone.” Find him HERE

Mitali Sahani
The Bombaykery | BAKER

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“We were catering for 800 guests at a wedding and the spread included over 15 desserts. Thirty-six hours before the D-day, I got a call from the bride saying the groom’s family wasn’t comfortable with desserts containing egg (that was 75 per cent of them). I wish the client knew that numerous man-hours are spent to ensure every dessert looks and tastes the same, especially when it is for over 800 guests, and we had to start from scratch.” Find her HERE

Sakshi Tuli
Tandoori Nights | CATERER

“We’ve got many vague requests such as a request for golgappas at a destination wedding with ingredients from India, on the day of the wedding. We wish our clients knew that we do our best to fulfil all their requests. We do, however, expect them to give us enough time and an approximate number of guests expected, to ensure that the wedding is hassle-free with good food and impeccable service.” Find her HERE

Jennifer Mulchandani

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“A bride once requested us to create a dress with the entire lining printed with a collage of images of herself and the groom. Though as a rule, we always ask clients about any special requests at the time of placing their order but when has that stopped them from adding more to their list of wishes? I wish my brides would stick to the rule and not make demands post finalising a design.” Find her HERE