Looking for an ideal beach wedding destination in India? Why not get married in Andaman? For a small exotic wedding, Andaman is one of the notable choices there is. Scroll down to know more. By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

Beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, mangrove forests, clear blue water and an essence of solitude that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers make it a perfect destination for beach weddings.

Many couples, failing to realise the picturesque beauty of these islands opt for a destination wedding abroad, which makes Andaman less publicised. This place is perfect for a private wedding with a small gathering of at most 100 people. If you dream of having a fairy-tale wedding far away from the cities in seclusion and tranquility, Andaman is where it should be.

Best Spots On Andaman Islands To Conduct The Ceremony

Havelock Island

Located around 41 km north-east of the capital city, Port Blair, Havelock Island is what we can call paradise on Earth. Imagine getting married at a beach against the backdrop of clear blue water, with your feet dipped in the white sand underneath a gorgeous blue sky. It sounds like such an exhilarating experience.

Port Blair

Andaman has many wonderful resorts, where couples can have their grand, luxury wedding. You can have the ceremony near the beach while you soak up all the sun and inhale the fragrant salty air from the turquoise sea. You can also have your wedding in the heart of the city.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Planning A Wedding In Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands might be a model destination for an exotic beach wedding, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The place is ideal only for weddings with a small gathering. It is not suitable for the typical big fat Indian weddings, where guest list has more than 200 names, as you might not find enough accommodation within the perimeter of the venue.

Also, not all varieties of flowers are found in Andaman. It would take some effort and research in finding the resources for a fancy, city-like wedding. On the brighter side, there are enough options and resources required for its smooth conduct. Bridal makeup artists and photographers can be hired on the island unless you have your own contacts. There is no compromise on the food options and liquor. You will find plenty of cuisine options for your wedding here.

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