We are pretty sure you must be super excited to catch your home team live at England this 2019 Cricket World Cup. You can catch the match and at the same time make a day out of it. Scroll down to know more! By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

Apart from watching the Cricket World Cup live, now you can indulge in some shopping, watch the greatest plays and learn a bit about modern conflicts and war. Salford Quays is a beautiful waterside location located near the Manchester Ship canal and roughly about 10 minutes away from the city centre. Here, Old Trafford, The Lowry and the Imperial War Museum North are situated near to each other separated by a distance that can be covered easily on foot.


Recognising the tourism potential of the otherwise obsolete Salford docks, the Salford City council developed a plan to refurbish this location into a leisure and culture embedded tourist spot. It earlier planned to remodel the site and turn it into an arts venue. The Salford Quays consist of three major landmarks: The Lowry, Imperial War Museum North and Old Trafford.

1.The Lowry

Named after the 20th-century painter LS Lowry, this theatre and gallery complex is known to be one of the hottest venues if you want to watch some productions. It was designed by James Sterling and Michael Wilford and opened in April 2000. This complex houses a 1,730-seat lyric theatre, the 466 seat Quays theatre, studio spaces and gallery spaces. Apart from that it also has shopping centres, a cinema and plenty of places to unwind. So yes, cricket, shopping, and food? Sounds like a good day!

2. The Imperial War Museum North

Situated on Trafford Wharf Road in Trafford Park, this museum overlooks the Manchester ship canal on the opposite bank to the Lowry. This museum was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and was inaugurated in 2002. Overflowing with historical artefacts, this museum also offers restaurants, exhibition and galleries and public areas.

3. Old Trafford Stadium

The India vs. Pakistan match on June 16 and India vs. West Indies match on June 27 is scheduled to take place at the Old Trafford stadium. Initially known to be a football stadium, it has a capacity of 74,994 and is known as the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom.

How to get to Salford Quays?

You can reach Salford Quays by bus, metro and as well as cabs. Salford Quays is well connected to Manchester city centre via the Eccles Line of the Manchester Metrolink. You can board The Stagecoach Manchester bus 50 that connects Salford Quays to other parts of the city like Salford Crescent station, Manchester city centre and east Didsbury. This bus service starts and terminates at the Lowry. You can also reach Salford Quays by using the M602 motorway. There are also other major routes from that lead to Salford Quays from areas like the Trafford centre, Manchester city centre, Salford and Old Trafford.

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