Thailand, which falls on the list of five countries that contribute to more than 50 per cent of the totalĀ plastic dumping in the oceans, has come up with an innovative way of tackling the problem. This much-welcome initiative has come from the Wat Chak Daeng Temple. The temple has put machines in place to crush plastic bottles. You can simply donate your bottles here and contribute your part towards a better environment. By Kumar Shree

No matter what we do, the world is moving towards an environmental collapse at an alarming pace. It is the need of the hour to take more initiatives and to install a more robust infrastructure to tackle this issue. The measure put in place by Wat Chak Daeng Temple in Bangkok, Thailand is truly commendable. While many countries have put the plastic-crushing machines in place, this temple takes it a notch higher.

All the plastic bottles that you donate at theĀ Wat Chak Daeng Temple goes into making robes for theĀ monks. Yes, as unreal as it may sound — this is actually happening. These machines press down the bottles, which are then recycled into polyester fibres, used for making robes. What’s even better is that you can be a part of this noble initiative by just donating a few plastic bottles. Voila!

The programme initiated for easing theĀ Chao Phraya river out of its woes is making headlines across the globe. The programme that kick-started two years ago has processedĀ 40 tonnes of plastic till day. One kg of plastic can make a complete set of a robe and the temple has madeĀ almost 800 robes till date. The devotees who donateĀ plastic bottles here receive blessings fromĀ Phra Maha Pranom. Well, you know where to head in Bangkok when you are there the next time.

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