Kashmir’s ‘Wall of Kindness’ Is A Humanitarian Effort In Helping Locals Face The Bitter Cold

As Kashmir enters the Chillai-Kalan and temperatures fall to sub-zero levels, there is a group that’s attempting to make life a little bit better and warmer for those in need. By Gayatri Moodliar

The group Who is Hussain? has started an initiative that involves putting up hangers in public spaces, currently in Srinagar, so as to invite people to hang up whatever woollens and other outerwear they aren’t in need of—and the people of Kashmir are showing up, as can be seen from all the clothes that have been hung up. Even non-clothing items are being donated.   

Known as the ‘Wall of Kindness,’ it’s a movement that saw its origin a while ago in Iran, and has since continued to spread. Consisting of young volunteers, the group is completely independent and receives no outside funding to carry out their humanitarian efforts, and is currently active in five cities around India.  

In an interview with IndiaTimes, Asghar Baba, Kashmir Chapter Head for ‘Who is Hussain?’ said the aim of holding such kind of humanitarian work in the valley was to create awareness regarding donating useful things to the poor people.  

“We have kept the clothes hanged on the wall. Those who need take it, and those who have extra clothing come and hang there. People are turning up in a huge number everyday to donate the warm clothes,” said Baba.  

While the initiative is currently functional only in a few areas in Kashmir, there are plans to expand it and take ‘The Wall of Kindness’ to more nooks and crannies, and a more concrete plan to take it to Jammu.

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