Dr. Harald Stossier, Director of VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth demystifies Bollywood’s favourite weight-loss therapy, Modern Mayr Medicine, and talks about his new book. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

weight loss therapy

Tell us about Modern Mayr Medicine.

It is essentially a combination of holistic strategies. We do a thorough clinical study of the digestive tract. Then we use functional muscle testing to watch muscle reactions and this helps us detect weaknesses and organ relation. We combine these studies to build a holistic unit, examining patients holistically to get an impression of their state of health. A completely individualised diet plan and detoxification programme based on the results of the investigations are used to cure any complaints or ailments. The diet includes several mineral and vitamin supplements that help patients achieve an optimal state of health.

weight loss therapy

What was the philosophy behind creating this aid to wellness?

The idea behind VIVAMAYR is to have a clinic that treats you through fasting and detoxification. We think this is much stronger than any other form of medicine because it helps people get healthier through their own persistence and efforts. And this, in turn, helps foster a healthier and more productive personality.

And does your book propound a similar/supporting philosophy?

My book, Nutrition: What Really Counts and the VIVAMAYR centre are both centered around nutrition. Through this book, I aim to spread the awareness that nutrition is not just about food. It is also about the process of digestion in the intestines, which ultimately helps our bodies create energy. Very often, we see people talking about eating more or less carbs or proteins. This is not the right approach to consuming nutritional food. At VIVAMAYR, we help people become more aware about nutrition; however, they have to follow the path on their own. Which is why we not only have therapies and treatments, but also principles that help an individual eat healthy in the long term.

weight loss therapy

What does your experience in India tell you about the current state of wellness in the country?

From what I’ve seen, Indians are health conscious and willing to change their lifestyles to get healthier. However, there are several Indians who suffer from diseases such as diabetes and obesity because their eating habits are not healthy, and they suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases. But they are motivated to change their habits and get rid of the risk factors, which you don’t find in other countries. So, it will be great to have Indians as wellness ambassadors some day.

Where does India stand in the global wellness market?

The wellness industry has become more health oriented in the last couple of years, and India is lagging behind in this stream. Although it has several Ayurveda centres, these are more traditional and don’t address modern medical needs. Another problem is that most Indians don’t trust their own doctors. They understand Western culture and are willing to invest in treatments abroad because they think these treatments are scientifically advanced. Similarly, we turn to the East because we think it has much more experience and knowledge. We have to find a middle path and bring knowledge, experience and science together to improve the state of the wellness industry in India.

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