News Alert! These 7 Destinations Will Allow Indians To Travel Visa-Free In 2019

Waiting for the visa is much like waiting for the scorecard after giving an exam, isn’t it? Well, guess what! These countries definitely let Indians in without an exam, err, visa. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Indonesia:

Indian passport holders are allowed to stay in Indonesia for as long as 30 days! So, in case you were looking for a month’s getaway destination, Indonesia should get you sorted. Bali, Jakarta, Gilli, Lombok are some of the most renowned places, which put Indonesia’s natural beauty and cultural extravagance on full display. 

2. El Salvador:

This small Central American nation is known for its beaches lining the Pacific Ocean. Two years of civil war had severely affected this country’s tourism, but now more and more visitors are keeping El Salvador on their must-visit list, and the lax visa requirements are definitely helping yield fruit to the Tourism Department’s efforts. Indians, you can stay in El Salvador for as long as 90 days without a visa and revel in the rich geography as well as the culture of the place. The most loved tourist attractions here include San Salvador, La Palma, Tazumal and Santa Ana, among others.  

3. Bhutan:

Let Bhutan be on your travel itinerary this coming year for we assure you that Bhutan’s breathtaking vistas will be hard to take out of your mind. Paro, Thimphu, and Haa valleys are captivating, to say the least. Discover the unique culture and what makes this small country that happiest in the world. If you travel to Bhutan by air, you will be allowed a 30 days’ visa-free stay whereas if you travel by road, it’s only 7 days, which can be extended at Thimphu. 

4. Trinidad and Tobago:

If you are an explorer and like to take the road less travelled, we say you go offbeat and travel to Trinidad and Tobago this New year. Given that they have untouched and unexplored beaches, you can consider taking advantage of the 90 days’ visa-free stay as an Indian tourist. Store Bay, Pigeon Point, Buccoo Reef and Englishman’s Bay are only a few of the places that this island boasts of. Why not add a few to the list yourself?  

5. Maldives:

This tropical nation of more than 1,000 coral islands in 26 ring-shaped atolls is a household name among Indian honeymooners. Maldives is where you find the rare glowing phytoplanktons at Kuramathi, the man-made island of Hulhumale, and test the adventurer in you at Maafushi trying out the water sports.  

6. Fiji:

Does a place which has a cluster of more than 300 striking islands need any more reasons to be visited? Being a former British colony, Fiji’s capital Suva is studded with gems of British architecture. Turquoise blue lagoons, palm-lined beaches, and coral reefs are everything a water baby dreams of! 

7. Mauritius:

You will be stunned by the sheer number and range of activities this small island nation has in store. Parasailing to hiking, kite-surfing to snorkeling, the beaches and the mountainous interiors pack the best of best worlds in this paradisal nation of Mauritius. Will the visa-free 90 days be enough to do it all? Well, you can give it a try! 

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