6 Iconic Films And Shows That Will Virtually Transport You To London RN

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London is one of the most famous cities in the world and one of our personal favourites. While we wait for #CoronaBeGone, we cannot help but reminisce about the city and its famous landmarks. In order to satiate our wanderlust, we have created a list of binge-worthy movies and shows that really capture the soul of London. By Amitha Ameen

1. Notting Hill

This romantic comedy is probably one of the best films that captures the essence of the city. Starring the ridiculously good-looking Julia Roberts and quintessentially British Hugh Grant, this film was and still is a cult favourite. We are 100 per cent sure you will want to pack your bags and relocate to West London and more specifically the Instgrammable Notting Hill, once you have watched this 1999 blockbuster. Watch it here.

2. 28 Days Later

Danny Boyle’s 28 Days later may bear strikingly eerie similarities with the current scenario. Empty London streets devoid of people and vehicles after a mysterious virus wreaks havoc. The famous scene where the main protagonist crosses a deserted Westminister bridge still gives us chills, when we compare it to present day London. Watch it here.

3. Love Actually

Again, a Hugh Grant classic! Although deemed a Christmas movie, there’s no denying that we have all binge-watched this classic hit all throughout the year. From Hugh portraying the British PM, to dancing in 10 Downing Street, scenes of London’s airport and busy London supermarkets — the movie has all the elements that make London what it is. Watch it here.

4. Sherlock Homes

Who can forget the city’s most, in fact world-famous, detectives. Follow along as Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson go on a whirlwind chase around London, taking down bad guys and solving mind-numbing clues. Watch it here.

5. Crown

Is there ever a story about London that doesn’t involve her majesty? Very well directed, the show revolves around the royal family and reveals their most intimate family moments. Historically significant political decisions and the struggle to keep a balance between professional and personal roles. The award-winning drama offers a good insight into how London came to be what it is today. Watch it here.

6. Fleabag

Winner of multiple awards and starring the show’s writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the lead role, Fleabag follows the life of a 30-something woman in modern day London as she tries to navigate through her complicated and messy life. The show explores what it would be like to live in modern-day London, and so far we like what we see. Watch it here.  

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