What if we tell you, it is now possible to explore the spooky and eerie side of Kolkata through a virtual ghost walk tour? Yes, you read that right. Here’s everything you need to know. By Kumar Shree

Every city has its share of bone-chilling ghost stories trickling from hundreds of years of legacy. The City of Joy, Kolkata also has these stories lingering in some of its charming and hypnotic lanes. The bustling metropolis that makes you fall in love with every bit of it goes about its business, as usual, leaving the unlikely search to those who seek. One such person is Anthony Khatchaturian, a historian and writer who usually conducts ghost trail walks in Kolkata. Now that venturing out of home is a strict no, he is sneaking in creativity to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. He is bringing virtual ghost walk tour from Kolkata to your home.


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You can easily spot Anthony strolling across Dalhousie, Brabourne Road, and New Market areas past midnight. He leads a motley crew through these lanes while narrating unheard stories of the haunted past that has left many buildings and spots in these areas off-the-limit for people till dayHowever, do not think of his tours as a medium to seek cheap thrills or hoping to spot something; Anthony allows a genuine glimpse of the past through his well-researched, insightful, and in-depth stories. He does not believe in merely leading you to the spot but leading you tits darlegacy that still reigns ovethe place.


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Colonial cemeteries and the junction of Writers’ Building on BBD Bagh are some other areas thaAnthony likes to explore. It is interesting to underline here that the Writers’ Building ranks high on the list haunted places in the city. If all these details got you biting your nails, you can head over to his Facebook page for more details about him and his upcoming tours.

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