Club Quarantine Your Way Through Lockdown With The Latest Virtual Dance Party Trend

If you are still lamenting the much-awaited cancelled night-out plan or wondering how to make an upcoming birthday party special, social media’s latest trend is the answer. Don’t let the lockdown stop the fun, dance the night away with friends at home. By Manya Saini​

The socially isolated world found its happiness on the Instagram page of an American DJ and now there is no going back. DJ D-Nice took social media by storm when he hosted the first virtual dance party through an Instagram live stream. People across the globe and celebrities like Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, even politicians including former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden joined his party.

We are sure you must be missing your favourite club and celebrating special moments with friends. Don’t worry, as social media has the perfect recipe to bring back the feeling of going out with virtual dance parties.​

Amid the mental health concerns inflected by self-isolation, especially for those susceptible to anxiety and depression, the idea of unwinding with friends and busting stress is a welcome change. Home dance challenges and indoor workouts are another great way for you to connect with others while staying safe.​

Music, Yoga, or exercise, whichever fits you and your gang best, the wellness trend could be the key to finding physical and mental fitness in these extraordinary times.​

Join one or host one, it’s your choice! DJ D-Nice hosts a party everyday lasting hours on his Instagram. Quick to adopt the fun idea many have started playing and dancing to their tunes with friends on video chat apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime.​

Just as D-Nice, the curator had said between songs on a late-night while thousands of people danced in their homes, “We’re in Club Quarantine, but we ain’t gonna let corona stop us!”

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