While the obsession for cricket has fazed out for many fans over the last decade (owing to the extraordinary increase in the number of ODIs T20s and Test matches), there are millions of us who’d prove our loyalty whichever way we can. Enter Virat Kohli’s new restaurant Nueva in Delhi’s RK Puram neighbourhood. Go now. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the cricketer there…he is known to frequent it.

After making a mark on the pitch, our lovable Indian skipper is all set for his first venture into the hospitality industry with Nueva, a restaurant located in the Sangam Courtyard at RK Puram, New Delhi. Now who wouldn’t like to gorge on an authentic South American meal with flavours from Italy, Spain, Portugal and France on one plate, without having to travel that far? Michelin-Star Chef, Michael Swamy heads the kitchen here and the response in the past two months has been overwhelming. Some of our favourites include Carrot Ceviche, polenta with a mix of different kinds of mushrooms, the Earth Salad and some fantastic refreshing, ice-cold summer drinks including Puré Verde (made with kiwi) and Soñando (a healthy Greek  yogurt smoothie). Cost for two: Rs 2.500


cricketer owned restaurants




In the past few years, some of the other cricketers whose restaurants have caught our fancy are:


Jaddu’s Food Field

Ravindra Jadeja’s experiment has become really successful since its launch in 2012. Jaddu’s Food Field has become a household name in Rajkot, thanks to its awesome Mexican quesadillas and tortillas, American burgers, Continental delicacies, Thai curries and of course, Indian cuisine. Cost for two: Rs 500


cricketer owned restaurants



Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine

Passionate for cricket and food, Zaheer khan’s entrepreneurial venture, Dine Fine is a classy restaurant serving Indian and Chinese cuisines. Apart from the first restaurant that opened in Pune, there are multiple outlets spread across different cities.  -Jasmine Kaur


cricketer owned restaurants