With increasing awareness about climate change, travellers are now opting for restaurants, hotels and stays with vertical gardens. By Tanvi Jain 

While rapid urbanisation is having an adverse effect on vegetation, especially the cutting of trees in order to raise buildings, this type of arrangement is the need of the hour. The idea is to not compromise on nature despite staying in a building that might have been constructed by cutting down trees. 

Here are few options across the globe you can explore for a dining and a stay experience amidst the soothing aroma of plants.  

1. Hacienda Real, Guatemala 

The restaurant was built in 1994 with natural materials like adobe, mud slab and natural wood. Its vertical garden is spread across 49 square metres and contains around 1,400 plants of 35 different species and 14 families. The place can accommodate up to 120 people and has four restaurants at beautiful locations. The whole interior is covered with vertical gardens at a 360-degree angle. Having a meal amidst so much greenery not only adds up to the ambience but also has a feel-good factor to it. haciendareal.net

2. Hotel Kook, Tarifa 

Located in Tarifa, Spain, this hotel has a green patio which comes with a vertical garden spread across 100 square metres. The garden comprises over 3,000 plants of 10 species and four families. The facility is a major attraction of the hotel and one of the reasons why many prefer to stay here. Apart from this, its location is also something to look out for. kookhoteltarifa.com   

3. Makedonia Palace, Greece 

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Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, the place has a green wall in the central atrium between the reception and the lobby, comprising over 600 plants of 15 species. The plants add freshness and liveliness to the place which complements the luxurious style of the place. Apart from different shades of green, the plants here come with white, purple and blue details. Their careful selection of plants not only purifies air but also creates a welcoming ambience. The combination of green shades and earthy tones gives a sense of relaxation and the feel of nature. makedoniapalace.com

4. Padrinos, Mexico City 

This is one of the cities that has taken the concept of vertical gardens very seriously. A visit to the city will leave you awestruck with its vertical gardens at different locations. One such is a restaurant called Padrinos that has one of the most incredible vertical gardens. Located in the heart of Mexico city, its enormous eco-sculpture combines art with oxygen. A meal at Padrinos comes with a green ambience as the interiors are fully covered with vertical gardens. puntarena.mx

As the trend is gaining popularity with time, many homestays, restaurants, cafes and hotels across places like Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Diego and more are coming up with the facility of vertical gardens, thereby not only attracting visitors for the beauty but also helping the planet. 

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