Imagine being in a place where you’ll probably have to boil ice to drink water; a place where 15-minutes out in the open could probably freeze you to death. It may sound unbearable and excruciating, but if you are an adventure seeker, this could be your next trip! We are talking about Verkhoyansk in Russia — the coldest place on Earth. By Kumar Shree

The only other place that comes even close to Verkhoyansk in terms of matching the extreme weather conditions is Oymyakon. Both the places happen to be in Russia, and Verkhoyansk mostly beats Oymyakon when it comes to being more miserable. Feel free to check the Guinness World Record that states, Verkhoyansk holds for the greatest temperature range on earth that goes all the way from minus 69-degree Celsius in winters to 38 degrees in summers.

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So, how does a usual day look like in Verkhoyansk? Think of people covered in thick layers of clothes, often trying to boil blocks of ice to convert it into drinking water. This may seem like a tedious task to you, but this is their way of life!

The dry air sucks moisture like an invisible giant chimney hovering all around. It keeps feeding moisture off your body that will perpetually make you feel thirsty. Due to this, people living here often fall prey to the hands of bronchitis and pneumonia.

There are only around 1,200 people living in Verkhoyansk as of now, while the number used to be double 15 years ago. People tend to abandon this place to search for better living conditions. Can we blame them?

If you feel like exploring the place, you can take a round trip that will easily cost you hundreds of pounds. And of course, it will come with its own set of risks! For starters, the Soviet-era Antonov AN-24 planes connect Verkhoyansk to Yakutsk and the climate makes the navigation particularly dangerous! P.S – there has been six crashes and major accidents since 2003. Nonetheless, if you still want to explore this place, do tag us in your pictures!

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