Stargazing in the city is tough, right? If you’re living in Delhi, then you’re in luck! About an hour and a half away in Sariska lies India’s first astronomy and adventure camp called Astroport. By Jasmine Kaur

For those romantic souls who yearn for a date under the stars but cannot find the stars to begin with, this one’s for you. We city-dwellers can have it rough; as if the pollution isn’t bad enough, even our windy terraces betray us as we look up at the sky. There are no stars, just the city life assuming an orange-brown hue, distressed and bothered after the long work hours in an even longer week.
But there’s hope still. Far from the hustle-bustle of the city, Astroport lies 5 kilometres ahead of the Sariska National Park, Rajasthan. When you reach this place, you may just feel you’ve come to one of the darkest regions in India.


At Night, Sariska is a Blanket of Stars

Gaze the stunning night sky with a trained educator who will help you navigate the sky and find the stars, using telescopes, sky charts, and other astro equipment. That’s not all. It is packed with an experience on astrophotography, telescope-making and zodiac.





In The Morning, Wake Up To An Adventure

You can enjoy the beautiful wilderness and the safari in the morning. Indulge in wildlife photography, bird watching, rock climbing and much more. The lakes and temples around the area suffice your quest for the adrenaline rush.




AccommodationsAvail Swiss tent cottages with en suite bathrooms, starting INR 13,000 per night or add a little more pinch of adventure with the pitchable tents, starting at INR 5,400 per night. These prices are inclusive of all meals.

Where- Astroport, Tehla, Rajasthan, India

Contact- +91-9278767700