In a world that has been explored to death, here are the hidden gems you never thought existed. Pack your bags and get going now!  By Mahika Dhar


 Saint Lucia

unexplored countries

Saint Lucia is a small island country in the Caribbean that is almost too beautiful to be real. It has rugged terrains with dramatically tapering mountain tops and lush greenery. Crystal blue waters stretch out as far as the eye can see without a single tourist in sight. For ultimate privacy, try visiting Malgretoute Beach or Choc Beach, all with stunning landscapes. Truly a hidden gem, Saint Lucia should be best kept a secret.



unexplored countries
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Tuvalu is an archipelago of nine small islands, all fringed with coral reef. It also has several uninhabited islets used for sheltering birds. Leisure actives in this haven are endless, from snorkelling with sea turtles to diving deep into the blue. With a total area of 26 square kilometres, this is one of the world’s smallest countries.


San Marino

unexplored countries
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San Marino is a small mountainous country in Europe, largely surrounded by Italy. The star feature of this country are the Three Towers which are castle like citadels perched on San Marino’s mountain tops. Dating back to the 11th century, they transform this little country into something from a fairytale. However, you should try visiting Guaita, the city’s oldest fortress, filled with rich history.



unexplored countries
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Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and is largely recognised as an independent state. Some of it features include stunning mountains, several lakes and rich history, old and new. Kosovo’s landscapes remain largely untouched with its tourism yet to take off.



unexplored countries
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Belize is a stunning country in Central America that most people seem to exclude from their itinerary. It has a massive Melize Barrier Reef and is dotted with several islands, all rich with marine life. Belize is most famous for the The Great Blue Hole, a phenomenon of its topography, which creates the illusion of an oceanic sinkhole