The launch of the new underground museum in Helsinki is drawing tourists from around Europe. Have a look at why Amos Rex Art Museum should be on your bucket list. By Deepali Sharma

Below the Lasipalatsi Square in downtown Helsinki now resides the swanky new Amos Rex Museum. This underground museum is unique in its construction as it allows you a view of the Finnish skyline from under the ground through peculiar bubble-shaped domes.

underground musuem
Courtesy: ArchDaily


The museum is designed by Helsinki’s renowned architect, JKMM Architecture, who have undoubtedly added another landmark to the design capital of the country. The five concrete structures actually make up the ceiling of huge underground exhibition room and were created in odd shapes to generate curiosity.


Visitors can enter the subterranean network of art galleries after taking a flight of stairs in one of Finland’s best preserved Lasipalatsi buildings. Inside, the large area provides ample space for exhibitions, illustrations, and contemporary collections. While the permanent collection includes artwork from famous Finnish collector Amos Anderson’s personal collection, digital installations change frequently.

underground museum
Courtesy: yle




The inaugural exhibition at the museum, headlined ‘Massless’, was led by Lab, a Tokyo-based digital art collective. Among the many exhibits that they showcased, ‘Vortex of Light Particles’ received much appreciation. Here, Lab used supercomputers and a digital art collection to stimulate water to move upwards, against gravity, and towards its domed ceiling. These augmented trajectories created reverse gravity causing numerous digital vortexes and waterfalls in the hall.

underground museum
Courtesy: Attractions Management