Uber is the most convenient, safe and inexpensive taxi service running worldwide in almost 570 cities. It’s all about hiring a private driver to pick you up from your location and drop you to your destination at the tap of a button on your phone. But now it’s definitely the end of all problems faced by passengers availing uber cab service in India. By Mouli Roy


As a strong competition to the Ola share pass which their domestic rival Ola launched a few months back, Uber has launched a new subscription service for its passengers called UberPASS. This subscription applies in only four metro cities as  of now- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.




The UberPASS subscription provides access to the high-rated drivers (those with high star ratings), rides at discounted fares, abdication on cancellation charges and many other passenger-friendly features. It will be available free to small group of users in the beginning but after the grand launch, everyone can get access to UberPASS through the Uber app. The price of this subscription has not been revealed by the company yet and may not be same for all the cities.


The Benefits

Passengers will get discounted rides and therefore fares of UberGo and UberX will definitely drop down, allowing them to pay less even during surge pricing. This is definitely a great news for all the Uber app users. The company claims to offer a consistent and comfortable mobility experience at low rates. Thinking of new ways to enhance the Uber experience for the passengers, Uber India general manager is all set to provide a seamless, consistent daily commute to all the local passengers.