For us Indians, tea is more than just something you kick-start your day with. Be it taking a ‘chai break’ at work, having important meetings over a cuppa or just giving yourself that extra dose of energy – a cup of tea just transcends all boundaries. But having excessive tea can also be harmful to your health. That’s why, Typhoo’s s organic, caffeine-free herbal range is the ideal alternative – rejuvenating, hydrating and yet each blend has been blended with a specific purpose! By Amitha Ameen

Typhoo Tea

The organic, herbal range from the popular British brand, Typhoo, offers a selection of five distinctive teas, focusing on particular health benefits that have been crafted by experienced master blenders and foragers, sourced from the finest farms and estates. These include – Slim Tea (Weight Management), Root Remedy (Cleansing & Detoxing), Peppermint (Digestive & Refreshing), Chamomile (Calming) and Night Time (Relaxing & Restorative) tea. The all-natural range is free of essential oils and artificial flavours, and have been blended using natural organic roots, herbs, spices and flowers that focus on providing specific results for tea enthusiasts.

3 Reasons Why We Love Typhoo Tea

  1. Unwind Naturally

Herbal tea is a popular choice when it comes to relieving stress. Everyday pressure and stress are bound to push us in the direction of medicinal supplements, which provide immediate but short-term relief. So, it’s always better to adopt a more natural method and opt for natural supplements to combat stress, naturally.

Peppermint:  This tea is a refreshing and digestive blend. The caffeine-free infusion of pure peppermint leaves will help you unwind effortlessly. Deliciously refreshing with a spicy aroma, this light-coloured, uplifting brew can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Chamomile: A soothing floral caffeine-free infusion created from organically grown pure chamomile flowers, this calming tea offers a delicious cuppa. Light and golden-hued, this sweet, floral-flavoured drink works wonders on a stressed mind and body.

2. Boost Immunity

It’s a traditional thing to do – to sip a piping hot cup of tea when you are under the weather. Herbal teas with the goodness of natural herbs fight infections as they are rich in minerals and antioxidants as well as assist in strengthening immunity.

Root Remedy: This tea is an organic caffeine-free blend of herbal roots blended to provide natural detoxification and boost immunity. The aromatic and earthy notes of Indian ginseng and turmeric roots combined with flavourful cinnamon and ginger, naturally support your wellbeing.

3. Restore & Revive

The first thing we do after a long day of work is enjoy a hot cuppa. But, caffeine can act as a stimulant and trigger negative health effects. Instead, replace your evening caffeine fix with an organic alternative that will help soothe your mind and body.

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Night Time: This restorative, caffeine-free herbal infusion balances the delicious floral taste of chamomile and rose with the refreshing character of spearmint and lemongrass. Mellow and smooth, these herbs are known to boost digestion and promote restful sleep.

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