Famous wholesale fish market of Tokyo has permanently shut down and is shifting to a new locale. Tourists from around the world used to come to view its popular tuna auction. Find out why and where it’s moving. By Nitya Malik

Tokyo’s famous fish market Tsukiji has dissolved and a new abode is taking its place. This was the most selling and prominent market of the city. Closed on October 6th, the market will shift to East Tokyo on October 11th.

The architect of the market was built during 1930s, and is most famous for its tuna auction which takes place early morning and despite the timings, visitors and locales show up for it. Not just fish, it is the biggest market for fresh vegetables and fruits also. Michelin chefs, restaurants and local grocery stores come to shop from here.

fish market

Great Kanto Earthquake which took place in 1923 replaced the market before Tsukiji. And the site is still a great concern due to factors like sanitation, earthquake, and fire. While many have filed an injunction to stop the move to Toyosu, the new location because the site had concerning history of soil contamination, the government has cleared the new location for business.

The old location, that is Tsukiji, will become a temporary parking spot for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.