If there’s little chance that the monsoons will deter a happy camper like you to hike the slippery slopes of Himachal, at least wear the right trekking shoes! This is our list of the most trustworthy, waterproof shoes for hiking. By Deepali Sharma

  1. Columbia

trekking shoes

These lightweight, mid-sole shoes with breathable waterproof technology are perfect for your adventure trips. The MIDSOLE Techlite will provide you with long lasting comfort and superior cushioning. INR 7,499; BUY IT HERE

  1. Adidas

trekking shoes

This combination of comfort and high-performance technology will work great for your outdoor adventures. The ADIPRENE insert improves comfort and shock absorption. INR 19,999; BUY IT HERE

  1. Salomon

trekking shoes

The protective heel-cap of these Ultra Prime hiking shoes stabilises the rear foot and maximises motion control for mountain and trail environment. The abrasion resistant lining allows for breathability and quick drying. INR 17,499; BUY IT HERE

  1. Skechers

trekking shoes

These Skechers footwear is stylish and perfectly comfortable for high-altitude trailing. Its durability for all the seasons makes it worth your choice for monsoons. INR 21,210; BUY IT HERE

  1. Reebok

trekking shoes

This pair of round-toe, brown trekking shoes has a cushioning in the sole for comfort. The textured and patterned out-sole stylizes the pair. INR 6,999; BUY IT HERE

  1. Wildcraft

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These high-ankle, water repellent shoes are durable and fitted with nylon shank. This nylon shank stabilises the foot on hilly terrains. INR 7,295; BUY IT HERE

  1. Timberland

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This pair with breathable mesh lining provides proper comfort and climate control. The vinyl acetate midsole makes it lightweight and the cushioning further helps in shock absorption. INR 12,570; BUY IT HERE

  1. Nike

trekking shoesThis pair of VaporMax is Nike’s pride. The air sole cushioning is flexible, lightweight and responsive to the needs of the rough terrain. INR 20,995; BUY IT HERE

  1. Woodland

trekking shoesWe couldn’t have ended the list without a pair of Woodland shoes. These leather hiking shoes are perfect for your mountain drill. INR 5,295; BUY IT HERE