While it is true that the travel bug is incurable once it hits you, it does need special treatment and attention from people of different ages. While the adrenaline of New York, Las Vegas, and Berlin might excite you in the 20s, the 40s will want the marriage of calm and excitement in a place like Amsterdam or California. However, if you are travelling with your grandparents, showing them around in their own pace is one of the make-or-break factors of the trip since it is important they also feel comfortable and not exhausted. A wisely chosen travel destination that allows the same is just the way to go. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Italy

While we can bet that even youngsters wonโ€™t pass on the opportunity to visit the idyllic landscape of Tuscany and Sicily, it is especially well situated for your grandparents since the best thing to do in both these places is to sit back and relax, you know, the do-nothing-all-day holidays we so crave? The Sicilian and Tuscan vibe is infectious and grows on you as you pass the verdant greenery of Tuscany and the sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea in Sicily. Not to forget the unending pasta, wine, and cheese that fills and satisfies all the senses.

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2. Portugal

For the people who love their beaches empty, serene, yet full of character, Portugal makes for the apt destination. An ideal year round destination that is apt for travelling with your grandparents. You will find golf courses, traditional festivals and colourful architecture all within close proximity making commute easy. The overall laid-back attitude of its populace just rings so true with those who like to travel slow.

3. Japan

While we should warn you that language can sometimes be a potential barrier in communication, Japan is worth it all, especially during Sakura season. More than 20% of its population consists of senior citizens, making the city’s pace suit them as much as it would its young population. The well-preserved tradition and Japanese heritage is an absolute delight to experience, irrespective of one’s age.

4. Kerala

Whatโ€™s not to love about the backwaters, right? Delve into spirituality, go on adventures and devour the most authentic coastal dishes. Cruise through the backwaters, laze by the beaches, travel to its hill stations or just listen to the river gushing by — itโ€™s the ideal family destination!

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