Travelling with friends can be pretty darn amazing if you know how to survive it. By Shubhanjana Das

Travelling with a group of friends can prove to be a bit challenging but that’s no excuse to discount on the bag full of memories you will take home from these trips. So, here’s the quickest but most fool-proof guide you will find to go globe-trotting with friends.

1. Have The Talk

So you have decided to go to Spain or Italy or wheresoever you decided in unison. But, before you book your hotels/hostels/AirBnBs or even flights, it is important to clear out what everyone has in mind for the respective destination. While someone may be eyeing food tours in Italy, someone else may want to hike. Avoid debates and quarrels on your travel and sort your trip out (keeping space for surprises, of course) before you venture out.

2. Travel Style

There are a few things that you get to know about a person only when you travel with them. While the sleeping habits are for you to find out, we suggest you discuss your travel styles before. Would they be comfortable walking or have a car at all times? Would they want a guide for help and advice or be satisfied with self-exploration? As we said, some things are better cleared off the slate before you start your travels.

3. Have Space For Individual Activities

This is to say that not every activity or experience has to be a group activity or a group experience. Let your friend/friends wander on their own, and have some space for your individual me-time. It can be a solo walk, listening to music by yourself, or just watching something on the phone. Whatever it is, it’s important to fuel all the socialising energy with some quality me-time.

4. The Expenses

Probably one of the biggest bummers that come during the friends’ trip is splitting the bills. So, before you set out, share the expenses and lay a foundation for doing the same. For example, are you going to split the hotel tariff or will the other person pay for the food instead? While it depends on how you interact with your friends, laying some base foundations for the expenses will definitely make it a lot smoother during the travel. And remember, the more the number of people in the group, the cheaper the trip per person but that also means more complex bill splits.

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