Travel may have seen a downfall owing to the various COVID-19-induced travel restrictions, but the wanderlust hasn’t died in any way. As per travel trends, offbeat vacations and secluded long-stay holidays have dominated online searches in the last few months. By Bayar Jain

Nothing ushers in World Tourism Day 2020 better than knowing that travel is picking pace, especially to offbeat destinations. As per a travel trends reports by Airbnb, offbeat destination, unique accommodations, and safe escapes have once again dominated the online searching space. A quest for seclusion aside, the desire for nature and outdoor amenities also finds a way in these rebound travels.

The biggest change, however, is visible with respect to the length and type of stay. The option of choosing an accommodation that can double as a home away from home—that is, with all house-like amenities like WiFi and kitchens easily accessible—have emerged as the biggest searches. It is presumed that a home-like atmosphere is being preferred as it could help foster creativity and productivity.

Length of Stay


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As per the trend report, a rise of almost 20 per cent has taken place for long-term stays at individual properties. A large share of these searches ranges from seven to 27 nights. With remote working gaining momentum, guests are now willing to increase the length of their stay, provided technology is accessible and a remote working infrastructure is in place. Designer Masaba Gupta‘s months-long stay in Goa, during which she worked on her new collection, is one such example.

Type of Stay


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Treehouses, campsites, farm stays and other nature-inspired stays have seen an upward rise too. In fact, over 45 per cent of travellers have reportedly looked for treehouses online, while 41 per cent looked for farm stays. ‘Trips with kids’ is another major segment that has seen a rise, with nearly one-fifth of all the searches in the past 90 days using these keywords.

New Priorities


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WiFi, kitchens, and pools may have been the only amenities one needs in the pre-COVID-19 era, but hygiene and cleanliness have also found a space on the priority-list now. However, it is reported that 23 per cent of the guests specifically searched for homes with Wifi.

Top Destinations


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In the past 90 days, Goa’s charm continued to be a traveller’s favourite, followed closely by Lonavala, Shimla and Uttarakhand. Internationally, searches for the United States of America, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates are on the rise.

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