Travel for many of us goes beyond the visuals of a cinematic video or the crisp pages of a book. Sometimes, it is the power of hearing that takes you to your favourite destinations. Podcasts are making a huge comeback and now that we have all the time in the world, let’s put on those earphones to enter into the world of travel audio stories. By Japleen Kaur

  1. We Travel There

You know they say that locals of any region give you the best recommendations, reveal the best secrets? This podcast features these locals from around the globe who come to tell you the best that’s there. It is hosted by Lee Huffman and airs every week!

Listen to it here

2. The Musafir Stories

From the offbeat locales of Himachal to the beaches down south, this podcast takes you on an audio journey through the length and breadth of India. Hosted by a Bengaluru-based couple, Faiza and Omar Saif, on this show they talk to travel influencers, authors, writers and many other guests that give you an insight on locations via their stories.

Listen to it here

3. Zero To Travel

This beautiful podcast was created for the purpose of making everyone travel more and travel well. Hacks and tips from travel experts on how to basically live, breathe and consume travel — Zero to Travel — hosted by Jason Moore is possibly the only podcast show you need to listen to RN.

Listen to it here


Formerly known as The Budget Minded Traveler podcast it got really famous because of the super independent and fierce girl behind this podcast — Jackie Nourse. She has travelled solo for more years than I can remember and is now a lifestyle mentor to many, showing them how to incorporate travel into their daily routines.

Listen to it here

5. Amateur Traveler

Amateur travel has weekly audio and video travel podcasts — so, whether you just like listening to travel tales or adding a visual connection to it, AT has both. Plus, it also has a podcast called ‘This Week In Travel’ that has experts coming together to give you insights into the amazing world of travel, that we all so dearly love.

Listen to it here

6. What The Pho

Nick and Amy travel the world and get you stories that are straight from the heart. Honest review and experiential adventures that tell you the real picture, unfiltered. They also play games and have created the podcast to sound it like a radio show! Now, isn’t that fun?

Listen to it here

7. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Four years and 180 episodes later Amanda Kendle is one of the most favourite podcasters in the travel field that there is. From sustainable tourism to stories about passengers sitting next to you on a plane — it has travel content that is refreshing and takes on a different route. Pun intended.

Listen to it here:

8. Postcard Academy

Host Sarah Mikutel from The States has lived and worked in various countries across Europe. She talks to people who have done the same on her podcast and gets you secrets straight from the horse’s mouth!

Listen to it here

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