9 Skincare Products That Should Be In Your Travel Kit Right Now

These nine skincare superheroes are all you need to keep your skin protected and fresh this holiday season. By Deepali Sharma


  1. Supergoop Sunscreen

This everyday oil free sunscreen with SPF 50 and powered by antioxidant-rich cellular response technology, will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. INR 2,756; BUY IT HERE

2. Forest Essentials Mosquito Repellent

This herbal mosquito repellent has an ayurvedic formula that will protect you from bugs if you’re going someplace it’ll rain. The active natural repellents like neem, lemon grass and citronella, are smooth on the skin. INR 525; BUY IT HERE

3. Kama Ayurveda Body Oil

This rich natural oil with an earthy scent will nourish your skin to the core. Use it at the beach or after a hard day in the dry heat. INR 1,375; BUY IT HERE

4. Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a good hand-sanitiser goes a long way in helping you enjoy your vacation, no matter where they have been. INR 1,621; BUY IT HERE

5. The Body Shop British Rose Perfume

Smell good through the day with this dewy rose fragrance by The Body Shop. INR 1,195; BUY IT HERE

6. Boscia Black Cleanser

The black cleanser by Boscia will clear your pores and cleanse your skin. This mini detoxifying cleanser comes in a travel-friendly pack. INR 1,158; BUY IT HERE

7. Korres Fig Body Milk

The combination of almond oil and aloe vera makes this Korres body milk a good moisturiser for all-day use. The shea butter enriched body milk will keep your skin hydrated during long flight hours. INR 2,493; BUY IT HERE

8. The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Mask

We can’t do without this face mask when we are travelling! This honey-textured mask replenishes and hydrates your skin and improves skin elasticity. INR 2,295; BUY IT HERE

9. M.A.C. Hydrating Mist

This mineralized, charged water along with pure diamond powder will boost your skin texture, making it look instantly fresh and hydrated. INR 2,000; BUY IT HERE


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