Shenaz Treasury needs no introduction! Her vibrant, charming personality and versatile camera presence have earned her countless followers over the years. One peek into any of her social media channels, and you will come out feeling like you have travelled the world through her lens. In a casual one-on-one, we caught up with the blogger on all things related to travel! By Amitha Ameen


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1. Where were you when the lockdown was announced?

I was in Sri Lanka just before the lockdown was announced. I had actually just signed up for a yoga and surfing course there but as soon as I heard about it I had to leave the trip halfway and come back home.

2. What have you been up to during the lockdown? Did you learn any new skill?

During the lockdown, I have been making one video a day. In fact, when it just happened (Corona outbreak), I kind of burnt myself out. I guess that was my way of coping with it. I started making videos on all kinds of things apart from my travel videos like comedy and, romance. I was working every single day and I guess that was my way of dealing with it.

I started meditating and I didn’t complete it but I did half of the 21 days of Abundance by Deepak Chopra which was really helpful. And, I plan to complete it. I also bought a cycle recently. I can bungee jump, skydive, go river-rafting and swimming, and even surf but I was never able to cycle properly. I hope to master it so that I can at least go cycling on the streets.


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3. What have you missed the most during this time (apart from travelling)?

I have missed nature and going out. However, what I have missed the most is — freedom. Freedom to do as I please and run wild since I am the kind of person who needs to be free all the time. I am very spontaneous, and ‘that’ freedom is one of the reasons why I am not married yet.

4. How do you ensure to stay positive during these unprecedented times?

It has been a rollercoaster ride and I definitely do my best to protect my mental space, which is very important to me. As much as we work on our bodies, we don’t work on our minds; so, I definitely felt better when I started getting up every morning and doing yoga through zoom classes. I usually like to go out for a run or a walk as it makes me feel better. Even just being able to go down within my building compound and running around makes me feel better. I am writing a book, making videos and not reading too much of the news. Also, knowing that my family is safe, helps me stay positive.

5. In what ways has this pandemic impacted your life and work?

The pandemic has affected work because I can’t really do what I do which is to travel the world and make videos. I am still making videos but I am not travelling the world. Just like other influencers, I usually earn money from brands and during this year the brand collaborations have drastically reduced and I haven’t really earned since the lockdown started. But I am okay, I am in a much better place than most people but I have definitely taken a 95 per cent hit from what I was doing so far.


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6. Where will you travel to once things are normal again?

I think travelling in India is the first thing we will be able to do. I can’t wait to go on a whole lot of road trips. I actually don’t have a car, so I have been thinking about whether I should get one. But I have so many things on my bucket list, so if Corona is solved I will be on my way. I had Japan, Brazil, Morocco and so many more places on my list for this year.

7. What is the first thing that catches your attention when you arrive at a place?

It depends. If it is a foreign country it’s immigration. Its the people sitting there, its the airport and the vibe I get. It all depends on where you arrive.

8. What changes do you anticipate in the travel industry in the post-Corona world?

Travelling local will be big in 2020-21. I am actually planning a big road trip right now. I really don’t know what is going to happen to international travel. I hope the vaccine comes out soon though.


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9. Do you think conscious travelling/slow travelling will take the centre-stage post-Corona?

Sustainable travel and travelling responsibly will perhaps take priority, but I think people just want to get out, so a lot more road trips will happen.

10. Which is your favourite city in India and why?

It has to be Kochi. I love the art, the cafes, and the vibe over there and the Jewish street. It is really nice during Kochi-Muziris Biennale and it is a really fun little city to go to. I love Jodhpur as well, and Jaipur too. Jorhat in the Northeast is also a spectacular place.

11. Where was the last place you travelled to and what do you like the most about that place?

Sri Lanka was the last place I travelled to. It has beautiful beaches, gorgeous tea gardens, beautiful nature, the sweetest people and yummy food. As they say, it is like India but cleaner. In fact, I have a whole video about how Sri Lanka is like India but not India.


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12. Your favourite Indian road trip?

It is going to happen soon. I am planning a huge road trip. I am excited and nervous because I am planning a big one all over India.

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