Travel The World For Free, Click Pictures And Get Paid INR 72 Lakh For It!

What a great way to make some money and see the whole world! If you are planning on to something more rewarding and experiential instead of an office job, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! A family in the UK is offering INR 72,00,000 to anyone who is willing to travel with them and click pictures. Wait, there’s more — it is an all-expense paid trip, along with a sick pay package and a 30-day holiday period. Scroll down to know more! By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

Calling out all the photographers and otherwise! If you have a penchant for photography and travelling, this is an excellent opportunity for you. A family in the UK offered to pay an amount of Rs. 72,00,000 to anyone willing to assist the family in all their travels and click good pictures.

The request was posted on a website, which helps individuals to hire photographers. It is also a platform for budding photographers to get clients. So, in order to fill the position of their last family photographer, who had to quit citing personal reasons, this family contacted the website with their ‘unique’ request.

Terms And Conditions

The terms are simple! You need to be a skilled photographer with an experience of at least five years in landscape, travel and fashion photography. You will be subjected to a full background check and hence you should be willing to cooperate on that. This is definitely not a nine to five job, but working hours are expected to go up to 10 hours a day. But fret not! You’ll be provided a full pay and 30-days holiday, as well. The applicant is also expected to be on his/her feet all the time and get used to leaving his/her house at short notices. You will be travelling for the most part of the year and sometimes come home for no more than just a few days. But hard work has its rewards.

What Are The Perks?

You will get to travel for free! Yes, you read that right. The family has cited that all travel expenses, accommodation and food for the selected candidate will be covered exuberantly. The family owns numerous holiday homes and other residences and travels quite frequently. You will be accompanying the family at Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Abu Dhabi and the Rio Carnival. This job is initially for a year, but good results might lead to an extension.

So, if you are a budding photographer and wishe to travel the whole world, do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

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