Every now and then we all need some major holiday inspiration in our lives to keep the mojo going. In case you have been looking for some travel goals recently, search no more. Here is the list of five blogs that will inspire you to travel more this year. By Kumar Shree

1. Dan Flying Solo

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Unpopular opinion: I don’t really like Barcelona *runs and hides* – anyone agree? I find it a bit hectic, and certainly in recent years too many visitors which has left many parts of the city feeing very different. 🇪🇸 What I do love about @spain though is the countless stunning towns and villages that are hidden in valleys, floating on mountains, or dotted along the coastline; that to me is where you get to really appreciate #Spain, the passionate people and its culinary genius. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of the country this year and I really urge anyone who explores it to go beyond the famous spots and hunt out the magic. #Cuenca was one of those places, from the hikes on the hotel doorstep to the impressive architecture built into the rocks, the last few days has been exactly what I needed to clear my mind and remember the reasons why I travel. ✈️ Hope your weekend has been as perfect as mine. #SpainCities #CuencaSpain

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Dan Flying Solo is a blog run by Daniel James. You land on his blog and the first thing you learn about Dan is that for 1467 days between 2014 and 2018, Dan was on the road. That amounts to four continuous, non-stop years of travelling on the road. Now, that is some serious travel inspiration. Dan likes to travel solo as he feels the process lets him connect and explore more. He always carries a camera, which captures everything that Dan sees and it comes out in form of videos on his YouTube channel and as stunning images on his blog. The blog also portrays his unknown travel nuances that you can only learn if you visit the place for yourself.

2. The Blonde Abroad

A thorough inspiration for every traveller and in particular female travellers, Keirsten has proved that it can be done! She had a ‘well-settled’ career in finance but she quit her job to become a world traveller. Since then, she has been to more than 70 countries and has been inspiring travellers around the world. You can check her blog for some solid travel inspiration. 

3. The Shooting Star

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I turned 31 a few days ago, on the rooftop of @balo.persian.cuisine in Shiraz, puffing a mint-flavoured galyan (shisha), sipping a musk willow-wild rose-basil seeds herbal drink, listening to Persian music and the pitter-patter of rain ☔️ . . It struck me then that my twenties were just an experiment in life. 30 marked the transition, and now at 31, I feel ready to dive further into life. To not have to defend my choices about marriage and kids – despite having a partner, to accept myself as the introvert I am, to feel a bit more sure about this life I’ve chosen. Now at 31, I feel as though I’ve tested many formulas of life, rejected some and gradually made my own concoction. . . And I couldn’t have asked for anywhere better to try that concoction, mixed with flavours of mint and wild rose and the aroma of wet earth. And I couldn’t have asked for a better audience to share that concoction with. Thanks for joining me on this journey called life 💚 . . 📷: Walking amid 900-year-old cypress trees at Bagh-e Eram in Shiraz 👣 . . #theshootingstar #shiraz_city #visitiran #uppersia ‎#ایران

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The Shooting Star is a travel blog run by Shivya Nath. Her blog has a rather minimalistic tagline, that speaks volumes about her, it says — just a girl who travels. Well, Shivya is definitely much more than just a girl who travels. She is a living travel inspiration. Shivya won the title of Best Travel Bloggers at the Indian Blogger Award in 2013. She gave up her home to make the world her home. If all of that somehow does not resonate, guess what, she wrote and published her first book — The Shooting Star and it has rocked the bestseller’s list. Need we say more?

4. Nomadic Boys

Nomadic Boys have two faces behind it — Stefan and Sebastian. They are a couple travelling around the world and sharing it all on their blog. They have one of the most versatile blogs with a detailed layout of every country that they have been to! They also talk about recipes of all the food that they get to eat while travelling. We definitely recommend you to go through the ‘about’ section of their blog and you will feel a rush of joy in their story. Need some travel aspiration? Well, check them out.

5. Travel With Laxmi

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Word for the day – Apricity which means the warmth of the winter sun . I stumbled upon it recently on twitter and learnt that it is now obsolete but it has such a magical ring to it . The word has a Latin connect which literally refers to basking in the warmth of the winter sun. Personally for me the word is significant. I am a sunshine person and for me the winter sun is absolutely special . There is a joy in feeling it’s warmth caressing your body and radiating through your mind . And the late misty sunrise in a homestay in Chikmagalur came to my mind when I was completing the #top3 for the #weekendspecial series . The timing cannot be more apt . Most of India celebrates the sun tomorrow as it changes direction and signifies the change in season . The harvest festival is called different names in different parts of the country but to me it’s essentially a festival of gratitude. And I am extremely grateful to the rays of the sun stroking me now . Tag someone with whom you would like to bask in the sun and feel the apricity . For those asking the name of the homestay it is Captains Bungalow in Chikmagalur. For note travel stories and experiences follow #travelwithlakshmi

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Laxmi Sharath, the face behind Travel With Laxmi is a different story altogether. Unlike others on the list, she took to travelling much later in her life. After she had spent fifteen years of her life behind a desk, she decided to call it quits and start a new life. Kudos and thanks to her for taking the step, as she has truly emerged as an inspiration. Her story will tell you that it is never too late to follow your passion. She has now been to more than 25 countries and her blog won the award for India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year in 2008. 

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