If you believe in signs and omens, you must already know that the stars, planets, and the elements have already conspired and made some plans for you that, as believers in astrology will tell you, decide a lot for you. Let the celestial signs help you decide where you should travel to this month. Once the universe has conspired, who can stop you from travelling! By Shubhanjana Das

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@chicfossil The iconic bridge of Rishikesh ~ Laxman Jhula More like Golden Gate Bridge of SF ⛩⛩⛩ This bridge can withstand anything, if you have been there then you know what I am talking about. It act as overpass for cows, monkeys, Homo sapiens, automobiles ( except cars, if bridge was little more wider then it could be possible) #punintended 📿📿📿 But jokes apart, it is life and soul of people living there. . . . . . . . . . . #uttarakhand #himachalpradesh #himalayas #rishikesh #dehradun #ig_color #mypixeldiary #travelrealindia #incredibleindia #indiatravelgram #_coi #indiapictures #poi #indiatourism #indiantravelblogger #ngtindia #igersindia #iamtb #travelbloggers #traveltagged #tlpicks #thediscoverer

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1. Aries

The super adventurous and pioneering Aries who is usually the one in the group making the Goa plans that everybody else cancels, this is your time to get that ticket and land up at Rishikesh. If you are always taking up opportunities to make new experiences, then may as well check it off with some white-water rafting, mountain biking, cliff jumping, waterfall trekking, and a lot more.

2. Taurus

Venus is your best friend and you love being in romantic, lush, and luxuriant setups. We think the Southern Italian region of Sicily might just seal the deal for you with its gorgeous Italian sun, laid back local life, the breathtaking coast, and the world-renowned Italian food. From Greek temples to artistic royal chapels and the glorious Mt Etna, Sicily will leave you wanting for more with each passing day.

3. Gemini

That blessed person who is always adaptive of change and has traits of multiple personalities, is curious and intellectual will find solace in the central coast of China, Shanghai. This futuristic city strikes a surprising balance between the urban and the traditional. The Shanghai Tower, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, along with the water front promenade with colonial-era buildings, the Gemini’s summer holidays, can’t get better than this.

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Botanic garden

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4. Cancer

The soft-hearted and sensitive, loving, and romantic Cancer may have the symbol of a Crab but it’s anything but that. Although, they may be the happiest near water. Edinburgh’s brooding and gloomy beaches, along with the rich history (hello, royal castles!) make for the perfect little getaway this summer, Cancerians.

5. Leo

The sophisticated and feisty nature of the Leos will find haven in none other than New York City! The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum, and Guggenheim along with Broadway shows and easy, careless strolls in the Upper-East side, summer spells sophistication in capital letters for Leos holidaying in NYC.

6. Vigro

The Virgo who is extremely attentive of detail, loves debates of all kinds, finds joy in books, and is extremely analytical — where else but in Florence will you find everything that your heart and your mind yearn? From one of the oldest libraries in Europe to cathedrals and galleries, the capital of Tuscany is dreamy and right out of a 90s Hollywood movie.

7. Libra

You know what will appease the well-mannered, smart, and insightful Libra? Wellington! The capital of New Zealand is yet to have a seat in the round table of the most exciting cities around the world, but we sure are betting on it. The waterfront, the zoo, the iconic cable car, the museums, and the extremely welcoming people have won our hearts and you are soon to find out why.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are a little more passionate than the rest of us and their mysteriousness is on the higher end, which makes us wonder, what can be more intriguing than a summer getaway to Istanbul to feed your senses with some age-old culture, breathtaking architecture, served with a big dollop of history, heritage, and tradition. The Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia museum, along with the Topkapi Palace museum along with the iconic Sultanahmet district with its open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome is everything a Scorpio could ask for.

9. Sagittarius

Idealistic, intellectual, deeply philosophical, gregarious, and athletic — these are only few of the many things that define a Sagittarius. So, where could we find a meeting point for someone so multifaceted? Perhaps at Jordan, home to the Nabatean capital of Petra dating back to 300 BC? Jordan is studded with ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts, and it is no ordinary hide out, but for the Sags, few other places could get so ideal and fitting.

10. Capricorn

The calculative, ambitious, and practical person in the group, Capricorns may want to head eastward towards Tokyo. The high-paced city life of Tokyo paired with its contrasting yet harmoniously co-existent culture, history and tradition would baffle any Capricorn, any given day.

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Budapest details . ——————————————————————— ———————————————————————— Discover the amazing Lake Balaton with us @balaton_hungary ———————————————————————— Blue water, curvy hills, old vineyards, historic places and – above all – the beautifully green landscape around the Balaton Uplands. Follow: @balatonfelvidek.hu ———————————————————————— #budapest #budapesthungary #budapesthungaryblog #photography #photooftheday #hungarytoday #travelphotography #travel #instatravel #instabudapest #budapestgram #travelgram #hungary #budapesttravel #thisisbudapest #visithungary #traveltagged #postcardplaces #letsgoeverywhere #youmustsee #travelawesome #topeuropephoto #bestplacestogo #instatravel #travelgram #sunrise #bucketlist #bestplacetogo #hungary . . . 📷 @madeec

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11. Aquarius

Extremely artistic, creative, and unique, an Aquarius’s mind hovers where ours might not. So, they need a getaway unlike and away from the ordinary, and in our opinion, Budapest does the trick pretty efficiently. The hills of the Buda district and the flats of the Pest are dissected by the Danube and the city’s old world charm can be discovered strolling through its cobbled streets. Its artistic, cultured, and absolutely other-worldly.

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🏖Майами-Бич — самый популярный курортный город Америки. Местные называют его Островом миллиардеров. ⠀ 🏰Его центральная часть живет в деловом ритме. Чуть севернее небоскребов и бизнес-центров располагается район фешенебельных вилл: здесь построены роскошные особняки богатейших жителей города и гольф-клубы. ⠀ ⛱Южный район города — то, с чем принято ассоциировать #МайамиБич: рестораны, гостиницы, клубы, курортные достопримечательности. ⠀ 🏛Отдельного внимания заслуживает Ар-Деко Дистрикт — целые кварталы домов, построенных в 1920-х гг. в стиле ар-деко. Это целый архитектурный музей под открытым небом. ⠀ 🍹Сердцем Майами-Бич считается район Оушен-Драйв, с восточной стороны которого тянется многокилометровая лента городского пляжа. Набережная района — эпицентр всех событий курорта. И днем, и ночью здесь все находится в движении: огни витрин и шикарных отелей, модные рестораны в стиле al fresco и бары, где играют джаз и рок-н-ролл. ⠀ Жамкай на ❤️ если бы хотел в #Майами. Но если не хочешь, тоже жамкай.

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12. Pisces

It’s no surprise that the mystical, compassionate, and perhaps even spiritual Pisces will be the happiest and most content near water. For a slightly metropolitan beach vacay, head to Miami. The pristine beaches, seafood to die for, and the salsa music in the air is what your soul needs this summer.

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