Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi. These are the four cities that have made it to the list of world’s most traffic congested cities in 2019By Tanvi Jain

Four cities from India have managed to grab a spot on the 2019 edition of TomTom’s Traffic Index of the world’s most traffic-congested cities. Of the four, Bengaluru has topped the category, while Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi have also ranked among top 10. The traffic index has also termed the condition of India’s motorists as the most distressed because statistically, they spend up to 71 per cent more time in their cars than others.

While Mumbai’s traffic congestion has been recorded at 65 per cent, Delhi stands at 58 per cent, and Pune at 59 per cent.

As per media reports, Mumbai is said to be the most car-congested city in India with around 510 cars for every kilometre. Next in car density is Pune at 359 cars per kilometre. While Bengaluru stands at 149, Delhi has 108 cars per kilometre. However, the traffic congestion is not related to the number of cars, because despite having over 32 lakh cars, Delhi’s road density is much lower to that of Mumbai with over 10 lakh cars. The reason being the capital’s vast network of roads.

The report released by Dutch navigation and mapping company TomTom index, has ranked cities based on the average time added to the trip, including the time when the congestion is heaviest and lightest, comparing highways to surface streets, and the time wasted by drivers in waiting for others to get out of their way.

With Manila being the second most congested city, others that made to the top 10 list include Bogota, Moscow region (oblast), Lima, Istanbul and Jakarta.

As per the report, majority of the 416 cities from 57 countries ranked in the list have faced a decline in the condition of traffic.

In at least 44 of the 80 US cities listed in the report, strong economy has been suggested as one of the reasons behind the traffic, because with more working people the possibility of increase in number of drivers and vehicles also increases. In fact TomTom’s owner Nick Cohn has also reportedly stated huge economic success as one of the reasons behind increasing traffic congestion in India, Southeast Asia and South America. 

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