Going back to the hotel room after the most amazing day in Canada’s own ‘city that never sleeps’ is kind of a bummer, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you can embrace the night and explore the crazy plethora of things that Toronto has laid out on a platter for you! Just pubs and restaurants? No way! We are about to tell you the OG deal about the Toronto nightlife. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Niagara Falls Evening Nights Tour

“But I saw it during the day!” Honestly, we could look at it all day, every day, if given a chance. But it’s true that this beaut looks magnificent at any given time of the day. What’s so special about it during the night? The surrounding clubs, casinos, and bars, and the vivid neon lights that make the falls look even more surreal and out-worldly than it already is! The tour will treat you to the most luxurious buffet dinner…while you look at lighted Niagara Falls. We are sold!

2. CN Tower

The only way you can say that you have really experienced and seen a city like Toronto is after you have seen its gorgeous skyline. To do so, the only way is to end up at CN Towers before 11 pm so that you can access the Sky Pod on the 147th floor of this 1,800 ft tall tower overlooking the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. But wait, before you leave, don’t you want to grab a bite at the 360-degree view restaurant there?

3. Nathan Philip Square

During winters, the Nathan Philip Square becomes Toronto’s own little urban winter wonderland. Canadians love the outdoors and skating is a big part of that. Hire yourself a pair of skates and join in the ring! When your feet have given up on you (or you’re just falling face-on), you can always treat yourself at one of the many food trucks or restaurants around. P.S. This is best enjoyed with a group of people.

4. Polson Pier

There’s no way you can afford to miss the only drive-in theatre in North America wherein you can watch blockbusters from the comfort of your car’s passenger seat! Get yourself some snacks from the vendors in the theatre, and your movie night is set to be LIT.

5. Thompson Diner

Why are we suggesting you a diner instead of a bar to end your night in? That’s because we know you’ll find one among the many that Toronto boasts of. But, it is the solution of the intoxication that we are offering you at Thompson Diner that serves its hearty breakfast menu till 2 am. Bacon and French toast — when in Toronto, breakfast like the Canadians.

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