Social distancing and practising self-quarantine at this moment, when the world is enveloped by the Coronavirus pandemic, is of utmost importance. But if you are a wanderer like us, we understand how you must be feeling right now being confined at your home. Not being able to travel is a mood killer! And, we feel you. Having said that, we’ve created this short virtual tour of Scuba Diving for all you travellers out there to explore our deep and mysterious oceans and create your own travel vision board! Here’s a ‘window to the world’ from the comforts of your home. Head to our Instagram handle every day, where we’ll bring to you a destination that you can ‘dream escape’ to and make plans to visit later when travel bans are lifted. By Team T+L

If you haven’t been scuba diving before, we are sure this video will compel you to. Scuba diving is one of the activities that you just cannot get enough of. A lot about our oceans is unknown, but with scuba diving, you feel at one with the marine life. It not only allows you to freely move underwater but presents a new experience every single time you go diving. No matter how times you go scuba diving, it will be different everywhere and every time. The best part about scuba diving is that you can do it anywhere — from the tropical Caribbean waters to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and to the piercing cold waters of Antarctica and even the great lakes — there are so many places you can go for a diving session. No matter where you choose to do it, it will have its own unique marine life and charm waiting for you to explore.

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