#TnlSupportsLocal: Here’s Why Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur Deserves To Be Your Next Retreat Post COVID-19

Photo Courtesy: Alila Fort Bishangarh
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Once the travel bans are lifted, the hospitality industry is predicted to undergo an overhaul. Anticipating this change early on, Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur has already taken steps to ensure the safety of their guests while also supporting the local community. Here is all that they have chalked out. By Bayar Jain

Despite suspending operations temporarily, and putting their restaurant, bar, and other services on hold, for now, Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur is tackling the pandemic head-on. Currently, while guests stray away from the property, in-house team members have been guarding – and deep cleaning – the 18th-century fort by staying there, all while maintaining social distancing.

General protection of the fortress aside, new work procedures are being regularly developed and mandatory training is being undertaken to educate the staff on safety practices. My Learning, an online training platform of the Hyatt Hotels – of which Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur is a part of – helps conduct certification, trainings, and recertification processes for hygiene and cleanliness. Regular colleague surveys have been introduced to measure comfort, the hotel’s cleanliness and working order. By doing so, the five-star hotel can address opportunities, make timely adjustments wherever necessary and meet their colleagues’ needs. Safety aside, the team is also encouraged to utilise this time in learning new skills like the property’s recently launched Computer Proficiency Programme.

Apart from training, uplifting the staff’s morale is also a key aspect of wellbeing at Alila Fort Bishangarh, Jaipur. To ensure that the team remains happy and engaged, they have crafted various team-building fun activities like outdoor games, quiz and Zumba. Regular yoga and workout sessions are also helping keep the staff engaged, while a curated organic menu helps keep boost their immunity.

This caring avatar, however, extends beyond the frontiers of the fort as well. They have been extending support to the local villagers of Bishangarh by distributing fruits and vegetables grown in their in-house organic farm. So far, they have distributed close to 100 kilograms of veggies, and continue to push these numbers up by the minute. In fact, the good folks at the hotel are also distributing water to the nearby families. After all, they might have shut their doors temporarily, but their hearts remain wide open as ever.

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