Have you ever heard of a cyclist from Nagaland who travels around the world in his own self-made bamboo cycle? We learn more about this eco-warrior, Sievituo Solo, fondly known as Yakuza Solo, and his green escapades in #TnlAudioStories: Travel for Tomorrow. By Bayar Jain


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For eco-warriors trodding around the world, the epitome of slow and conscious travel lies in exploring Earth’s many wonders on a cycle. Nagaland-based Sievituo Solo, fondly known as Yakuza Solo, takes this meaning a notch higher. On the first episode of #TnlAudioStories: Travel For Tomorrow, we meet this treasure trove of sustainability who embarks on global escapades on a self-made bamboo cycle. He takes us through his green trips in Europe, stopping along the way to inspire and educate people about exploring consciously, combatting plastic wastes, and battling with one major hurdle of solo travelling: loneliness.

#TnlAudioStories: Travel For Tomorrow is a new podcast series where we unearth secrets of sustainable travelling. Stay tuned every week as we bring to you stories of some of the most inspiring and interesting conscious travellers from across the country!

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