T+L India Launches #TnlOutreach: A Series Of Webinars To Decode Future Travel Trends 2020-21

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When the world comes to a grinding halt, the need to look forward and plan the way ahead takes centre stage. With this philosophy in mind, and the overarching need to bring the hospitality and tourism industry under one umbrella, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia is launching a series of webinars, #TnlOutreach, which aim to decode the travel trends of 2020-21.

It’s no secret that the travel industry has slowed its pace and that the recovery path to normalcy remains shrouded in mystery as we speak. However, always the pioneer in the world of travel and charging ahead with positive rainbows to accompany, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia will be conducting a series of webinars — #TnlOutreach — to debug this uncertainty.

Starting this month, India and South Asia’s most influential travel and lifestyle magazine will bring forth leaders and veterans of the tourism and hospitality industry across India and abroad on a common platform to share insights, earmark future travels, and demystify the travel trends of 2020-21.

Session 1:
Rebound Travel: Travel beyond coronavirus

Moderated by T+L India & South Asia’s Editor, Aindrila Mitra, the first session of the webinar serves as a segue for the sessions to follow. A mix of domestic and international industry veterans will aim to highlight the travel trends that would reveal themselves once the lockdown ends. Of the many pertinent questions they’ll be tackling, some of them are whether domestic travel will surpass international vacations, what would be some of the key factors to look into while making a traveller ‘comfortable’ again, and the importance of sustainable travel in the post-pandemic world.

Session 2:
Travel + Leisure Editors’ on Travel 2.0

For the global Travel + Leisure community, our readers take centre-stage and their wants shine in the limelight. With this thought process in mind, the second session of the webinar will have T+L Editors from across the world come together to focus on debunking what travellers would want after the pandemic, how one could travel sustainably but safely, and whether travel content will find newer perspective in what is increasingly becoming the ‘new normal’.

Session 3:

The hospitality industry has really stood up to the fight against COVID-19, and #TnlSalutes all the bravery and hard work of every single individual who has been a part of this journey. To re-emerge as a safe haven post the pandemic will be a challenge, and our third session of the webinar will be addressing how the biggest hospitality chains in India and abroad are gearing up for this run. Split into two parts – domestic and international – hoteliers and senior executives of luxury hotels will reflect on the safety protocols taken across the industry, and the various initiatives travellers can look forward to when it’s safe to travel.

Session 4:
The Future Of Wellness Travel

Moderated by a hotelier and wellness writer, the panel consisting of heads from the wellness industry, our final webinar session will focus on how the wellness industry is looking at shifting gears post the crisis. Will the spa experience have a new meaning? Will travel for mental become a thing? What will be the ‘new face’ of wellness experiences?

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates every day and on how you can be a part of these Live sessions!

And click here to register for the webinar.

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