We’ve all binge watched the movie Titanic a couple of times, and wished (despite the tragedy) to have been part of the journey. Well now, it’s possible. Titanic II is here, and will sail in 2022. By Japleen Kaur

The ship is a copy of the original that sank in 1912, killing almost 1,500 people. Blue Star Line, the company responsible for version 2.0 claims that this time, things will be different. It will, in fact be, ‘unsinkable’.

It’ll be a luxurious ship, built with a similar interior design, obviously with modern technologies. The two-week journey will commence in Dubai moving to South Hampton, and finally reach New York. Exactly the same Titanic route, guys. This one’s gonna be interesting.

Retracing the same steps a century later might be a great marketing idea, but it also comes with its set of apprehensions. All said and done, if you’re a romantic at heart and dig some adventure, sailing the Titanic will surely be an experience. Only we hope this time around, the love story has a happy ending.