As markets start reopening, let’s raise a toast to beautiful storytelling carved for the wrist. Here are five timepieces launched in 2020 and their perfect pairings. By Mitrajit Bhattacharya

1. Portugieser Automatic

Six new models in IWC’s revamped Portugieser collection demonstrate the brand’s broad range. The basic references have steel cases, but for each new design, there is a limited boutique-only edition in a proprietary alloy of 18K red gold that offers five to 10 times more wear-resistance than traditional red gold. The highlight remains the simplest redesigned Portugieser Automatic with the smallest ever diameter of 40 mm. If you’re ever in the mood for a spicy curry and a German Riesling, this is the timepiece to go with it.

2. Toric Tourbillon Slate
timepieces 2020

A curved sapphire crystal sits atop the mirror-polished 42.8 mm 18K red-gold case. The grey dial features a manually applied guilloché “Grain de Riz” pattern with 18K rose gold. Arabic numerals are hand-applied on top. Long, skeletonized hands with luminescent coating indicate the time. This watch is more intoxicating than Swiss absinthe, which comes from the same parts of Jura as Parmigiani!

3. Luminor Marina Fibratech
timepieces 2020

Luminor is now synonymous with the most iconic watch families, with the launch of three Luminor Marina models: DMLS, CarbotechTM, and FibratechTM in limited editions of 270 pieces and a 70-year warranty. The highlight of this year’s Watches and Wonders in April, the FibratechTM boasts of being 70 percent lighter than steel. The watch is a conversation starter at any Italian dinner flowing with grappa.

4. Globetrotter Night
timepieces 2020

The English have a historic connection with watchmaking. In the 1780s, John Arnold contributed to the revolution in ocean navigation with his marine chronometers. The Globetrotter Night reflects this legacy with its cartographic features and world times.
As night follows day, the Globetrotter shows the northern hemisphere plunged in glorious darkness. On the edge of the planet, a sapphire ring breaks down the 24 hours. Together, the hemisphere and ring display the time in one part of the world. It’s perfect for that G&T evening!

5. Santos-Dumont XL
timepieces 2020

The watch created in 1904 by Louis Cartier for his friend, Alberto Santos- Dumont, allowed the pilot to read the time in flight. It made its mark with a pure design incorporating a square bezel with visible screws. Cartier has paid its tribute to that dandy pilot and watch through the Santos-Dumont XL and a collection of limited-edition engraved watches. Ideal for a dinner date with rare French wine.

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