Christmas has come early in the Spanish city of Vigo. The town has already started putting up its light decorations in a bid to have the world’s largest light display when the holiday season comes around. By Amitha Ameen


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It may seem a little premature to be talking about Christmas in the month of August but it seems like Spanish city Vigo’s mayor Abel Caballero does not share the same thoughts. The city is putting the lights in place much earlier than usual because the current protocols for COVID-19 control could slow down the work.

While the rest of us are just beginning to revel in the sunny weather, locals in Vigo are already prepping their city for the Christmas season. The city has already begun putting up its festive decorations, and according to Mayor Caballero, the city has spent approximately INR 703,360,20 on the Christmas lighting that will cover 334 streets and 450 trees with more than ten million LED Lights and 2,700 ornaments.


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The lights display are a big deal for the people of Vigo, which usually attracts hoards of visitors each year. The mayor revealed that that Christmas tree will be moved from the usual Porta do Sol to Policarpo Sanz as the latter is a bigger space that will help ensure social distancing between people more easily. Apart from the lights display, the port and industrial hub city of Vigo is usually buzzing with swanky restaurants, clubs and tapas bars.

The mayor adds that while the Christmas celebrations will be exceptional, it will also be 100 per cent COVID-19 safe. The mayor hopes that the town’s Christmas decorations will be brighter and better than New York, Paris, London or Berlin this year.

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